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Found 3 results

  1. I use Sync to sync my ubuntu and a OSX development machines. As a result, I have a lot of directories with git data in and I have noticed that periodically (every 9 months lets say) I see issues on the OSX device with a file missing, which then prevents me using git on that machine. I seems to be a missing file with a random letter/number name. What can I do to get it to resync everything with the ubuntu machine that is still working and is my lead device? Ideally I would only sync this one .git directory and its sub-directories
  2. btsync should, by default, not sync the standard source code control metadata directories: .git, .svn, .cvs, etc. It's really annoying to need to put .SyncIgnore everywhere and there's really no reason to ever sync these (and very negative consequences if you do) it should be the default behavior. I just had two local git repositories that were subdirectories of the folder I was syncing get corrupted.
  3. I am currently using BTSync to sync github clones on my office machines and home machines. I am wondering if I should ignore .git directories to make syncing less corruption prone. Every once in a while (or when significant time elapses between office visits or vice versa) I always encounter issues where a bunch of files have .!sync.SyncTemp suffixes, or git reports some copies are in conflict for whatever reason. Just looking for a shortcut so I don't need to go find out how git works internally more than I already need to. I have a feeling it would be cleaner to allow each .git dir to maintain each location but wonder what other issues that might create.