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Found 8 results

  1. Hi. I have been using BTsync for about a year. I switched to Resilio and it is hanging continuously. By the way I lost the app password after install and had to login with ssh and erase: settings.dat, settings.dat.old from: /share/MD0_DATA/.qpkg/ResilioSync/Storage/ So I could access the app. The resilio icon has disappeared from menu screen as well so I have to continuously open App Center to 'stop' the hung app and restart it. I runs for a while. Sometimes minutes, sometimes hours and then hangs again. I didn't realize I was not auto syncing for a few months as this NAS is there for backup primarily. Quite frustrated over here. Anybody have any ideas? BB
  2. Since some months back I've encountered my QNAP NAS totally unresponsive once a week, needing a reboot to be usable again. With help from QNAP's support, I've narrowed the problem down to the Sync app in combination with the antivirus scan provided by QNAP: - I have the antivirus scan scheduled to run once every week. One of the folders in the scan job is synced by the Bittorrent Sync app on the NAS. - After some hour of antivirus scanning, before the antivirus reports a finished scanning, the NAS becomes impossible to reach on the network. It happens every time, and the NAS has to be rebooted. No logs show any direct clues to what happened. - If I disable the Sync app, though, the antivirus scanning jobs always finish without a fault! - If I re-enable the Sync app, the NAS hangs again at every scan job. I don't know if QNAP or Sync (or both) is to blame for this error, but it makes Sync much less useful and reliable. Worth noting is that this error started appearing some 6 or 12 months ago, so it was introduced in some software update from Sync or QNAP, probably during early 2016 or so. I have regularly updated the NAS and Sync several times the last year. It should be mentioned though that I still run one of the last versions of Bittorrent Sync before the rebranding to Resilio, so I haven't tried out the last version and due to various bad experiences I am not currently planning on installing it. This is more of a bug report than a cry for help.
  3. Syncing with a new remote computer today and Resilio hung repeatedly. The cursor was a spinning beachball. I forced Sync to quit, but even after relaunching it hung again. Crash logs attached. I'm bummed, but hoping to get it working. We have used BTSync for a long time for syncing media at one company, and now I'm working remotely with someone new and trying to integrate Resilio Sync into this project. Version 2.4.0 (2.4.0) Thanks. Resilio Sync_2016-08-30-164846_WesRetinaMBP.cpu_resource.diag Resilio Sync_2016-08-30-165945_WesRetinaMBP.cpu_resource.diag Resilio Sync_2016-08-30-170950_WesRetinaMBP.hang
  4. Nexus 5 Android 5.01 Sync Whenever I try to share a link or email the client would freeze & hang. My nexus would be unresponsive to any screen input and required a forced hard reboot. Is my /sdcard (internal memory) folder too large? (about 6k files 12GB)
  5. Got to be a cockpit error. Please let me know what I'm doing wrong I've just installed (today, Sept 2) Sync on my Samsung Galaxy S4 (android 4.4.2) from the Google Play Store. I had Sync 1.3 on my MacBook Pro 10.9.4, and downloaded 1.4.75 and installed it. The android will attempt to start syncing, and sends a proper looking email to the Mac. Clicking on the link gives: Just a moment while we start your request...Please make sure Sync 1.4 is running to receive this folder. which then hangs forever with the "once the sender comes online, Sync will verify that the link you clicked in valid" message Both the Android and MacBookPro are talking WiFi to single 11N access point. I don't see how to attach the log files with this forum software. If you need to see them, reply and I can use the link in an email. Plus, the log file is 9 meg! Thanks Pat
  6. Hi Folks. Two macs, a Mac Pro and an iMac, both (were) running BitTorrent Sync (Sorry I do not remember the version, BUT I just downloaded from the BT site a week ago, so I assume current) hang at shutdown until I press and hold the power button. There is no information in the system log about this... and I can't even say 100% it is BT's issue, however once I uninstalled BTS they shutdown as usual. Any Mac users see this? BTW, BTS is an amazing piece of software that nobody else seems to be able to figure out how to do correctly! So thanks for that! :-) Here are quick sys. specs: Mac Pro 4x2.8Ghz 20 GB Ram 250GB SSD Mavericks Server 10.9.3 iMac 2x3.2GHz 8 GB Ram 120GB SSD Mavericks 10.9.3 Thanks in advance!
  7. I installed BT Sync.exe and it got installed but I don't see an UI or option. Task Manager says it's running but I can't do anything with it. I can't even kill the process. Windows 8.1, btsync v 1.3.67. Attached dump file from Process Explorer.
  8. Using v1.0.134, and syncing around 30 folders containing a total of 200,000 files my BT Sync has started to hang. It does it every time now. Memory usage peaks at startup (1.2GB-1.5GB) then settles down to 800-900MB. I run BT Sync on one machine using read-only keys from client machines each having a few shares. Total about 10 machines, 30 shares. Force-closing the hung app has led to some of my peers' data files being renamed to .!sync and I believe in one case it even deleted one of my Quickbooks files. I am 99% certain it was BT Sync. Some of the other QB files had the .!sync as well. I tried to do a full dump using Process Explorer, but gave up after waiting over an hour for it. I have never done a full dump before, is that fairly normal for a process using a gig of ram? Willing to test my setup in any way you want me to for bug reporting. If someone can tell me if that is normal I will try again. 10 clients, mostly Server 2008 R2 servers, some Windows 7 64-bit with ~3 shares each, 200,000 files 1 "server", Server 2008 R2, using client shares in read-only mode ~2TB of data in total