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Found 3 results

  1. Hey Everyone, So my basic question is - How do you stop the .sync folder changing to be hidden. I have 3 Sync Folders, In 2 of them the .sync folder is never hidden. But in one folder the .sync is hidden, I go into Properties and change it to not be hidden but some time later it reverts back. Any Ideas?? Spec: Windows 7 PC's (2x) with BT Sync 2.0.105
  2. Summary: I want to create folders for syncing that are are hidden in Linux (.example) and hidden in Windows (.example with the -h attrib) What is Bit Torrent doing to that initial .sync directory to make it hidden to all windows clients? Details: Linux Ubuntu 14.04 to/from Windows 7 and windows 8.1 The default .sync folder created when you set up BitTorrent Sync on a linux system propegates to all the sync'd systems. It must be possible to create a hidden directory and then pass along the hidden attribute from linux to MS and back. I am creating the Bittorrent share on a Ubuntu 14.04
  3. HI all! I have searched and cannot find a solution, so ... let us see! First of all, LOVE the product. Absolutely. What I am going to try and use this for is syncing user profile directories on 5 computers with one main serer. I would love if I could exclude hidden folders - any way this is possible? Is there a place for predefined ignore files? I did notice that once I deleted the sync directories, and then removed the files.... it still brought down an ISO that didn't exist somehow? Thoughts?