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Found 3 results

  1. I have several different devices I use btsync on but they don't all sync every folder. However I still have the folders in my list and it makes things very messing looking. Not only that it makes it difficult to just get a quick overview of what that particular devices is syncing. Is there any way we can have the option to hide disconnected folders from the list?
  2. Hi there We are using BitTorrentSync (paid version) at our company to share synchronisation files with our clients. The client machines have only the free version of BitTorrentSync, as they don't need more than the maximum of 10 folders. My question: is it possible to hide the peer list on a client which shares a read-only folder with the server? Our setup is such that each client has their own shared folder, but then we also have a global folder which is shared with all clients. We obviously don't want clients to be able to see information of other clients' computers in the peer list. How do I hide this? thanks in advance! Petra
  3. HI all! I have searched and cannot find a solution, so ... let us see! First of all, LOVE the product. Absolutely. What I am going to try and use this for is syncing user profile directories on 5 computers with one main serer. I would love if I could exclude hidden folders - any way this is possible? Is there a place for predefined ignore files? I did notice that once I deleted the sync directories, and then removed the files.... it still brought down an ISO that didn't exist somehow? Thoughts?