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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, it would be both nice and useful to have a recent history (say last 10 events) visible in the menu from the menu bar. Best regards.
  2. I am using BTSync for Synology. I think there is a bug in the history log that shows the wrong message. If you start to sync a folder with another device for the first time, and the other device includes some of the same files that are in the source, instead of stating "File already found, skipping download" or something to that effect, the warning message in the log is, "Failed to download <filename> - CheckOriginalFile: No such file or directory". Also, it would be very helpful in the History Log if the folder name was included along with the file name. Right now it just shows the file name that was synced, so you have no idea what folder it was from. These things are pretty minor, but probably worth fixing.
  3. Hi All, brand new newbie . I'm looking for a way to clear the history log - I thought that I had seen and done it a week or so ago just after I installed the program, but now can't see that option in/under any of the options. Searched for it using "clearing history logs" in the search function on this site but got nowhere. Phil.
  4. I am brand new to BitTorrent Sync and this forum. I have a question about how to handle something I am trying to use this product for. Essentially I am using this to sync up several workstations with one another having a central server containing all data. Each work station will have selected folders based on its specific needs. The issue I have is version control. My understanding is that whoever saves the files last will be the one who retains the file changes and the person who saves first will loose their changes. Another fear I have is if somebody accidentally deletes files or a directory in their environment and the deletion spreads to all environments causing data loss. I thought about using some kind of file indexing or version control system in parallel with BTSync such as git. The issue is that I have millions of files and roughly 500Gb in data total. Git cannot handle that amount of data well and most other centralized version control systems won't really do what Im looking for. One other thing to point out is that the data being stored is all different types of files from office documents, Adobe creative files, source code, compiled files, archived files, sound, video, etc. Does anybody have any ideas on what I can do to solve this problem?
  5. After discovering yet again that one of my machines has removed massive chunks of files for no obvious reasons (thank you .SyncArchive for covering me!) I was wondering if it is possible to increase the transfer history log? Better yet would be an ongoing transfer history log per sync folder so as to track down wtf is going on when strange things happen.
  6. It's really hard to tell when new files have appeared (without using other linux tools to monitor the folder,) in a shared folder and it's kind of annoying that such features don't work on linux, but work everywhere else :< I understand that Btsync-GUI can't have these tabs until the API allows them to, so my question is, will the API be modified to allow this, and if so do we know when? Danke.