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Found 2 results

  1. Please allow the following question regarding "Sync Home Pro" on iOS-Devices (Apple iPad) I have a HTML-file which syncs perfectly from my Windows Box to my iPads. But: Clicking this file on my "iPad Air 2" just shows the HTML and nothing generated by the embedded JavaScript. Clicking on my "iPad Air" (first version) immediatelly shows the HTML and runs the embedded JacaScript. The JavaScript is contained in the HTML-file, no external references are used (I want this to be available offline, I coded most of the JavaScript myself) Both iPads are iOS 11.3.1, the sync folder is the same. I do not know a possibility to show any JavaScript-Errors (if any) or how to start a debugging console on iOS when clicking on a file in a sync folder If I transfer the HTML file using sync's "open with" to the iOS-App "Files" it opens from there without any problem showing the executed JavaScript on both iPads Does anyone see a similar behaviour with HTML files? Do I have a chance to see, what happens during the click in sync-folder with my JavaScript? regards, Martin
  2. On the html gui for the bt sync service: I need to differentiate with multiple shares having the same folder name. Either by: 1. An option to display the complete path name in the 'Folder' column. Currently it only displays the folder name. 2. Allowing the renaming of the share displayed while leaving the true path/folder name intact. 3. In general, have a share name in addition to the folder name. (Applies to Android as well.) Thank you much for this wonderful program! nat