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Found 10 results

  1. This morning, suddenly the below dialog comes up when starting Sync: I have not the slightest idea what this dialog suggests me to do -- and there is also no explanation given about it whatsoever. Additionally, there is not even a possibility to dismiss this dialog! So what am I supposed to do? I can't even get to the main screen of Sync. Please note that I'm as close to an software engineer as you get, being a power user with occasional programming experience. Therefore, please try and use language that not only the developers but also your customers understand, when suddenly coming up with dialogs like the above. Finally, please be as kind as to explain what the above dialog is about. Thank you David.P
  2. I'm using 2.4.4 and it keep on asking me to create an identity, but when I press the 'Create Identity' button, nothing happens! I am an administrator on the PC and I have tried to run the app as an administrator as well. I'm on Windows 10. The only thing I can then do is to press the 'X' in the top right, which means it continues to run in the application tray, but I cannot do anything like sync new folders etc. Any ideas???
  3. Hey guys, for some reason, I'm trying to start Sync in configuration mode (Win64), using this config: { "storage_path" : "./sync", "device_name": "my-device", "agree_to_EULA" : "yes", "check_for_updates" : false, "use_gui": true, "use_upnp" : true, "download_limit" : 0, "upload_limit" : 0, "rate_limit_local_peers": false, "lan_encrypt_data": false, "sync_max_time_diff": 172800, "peer_expiration_days": 3, "folder_defaults.use_relay": true, "folder_defaults.use_tracker": true, "folder_defaults.use_lan_broadcast": true, "sync_trash_ttl": 1, "send_statistics": false, "enable_journaling": false, ... This was working fine a while ago with BTsync 1.4 and 2.0. Now I am running into two weird problems: - Sync want's to create a new identity every time - but successfully creates database and other files in ./sync - If I activate the webui-listener, Sync always opens a webbrowser with the webif every time (which I really don't need), even if I enable the local gui The Sync.log says: [2017-07-29 02:12:10.055] Set new identity: blah blah blah [2017-07-29 02:12:10.060] Unable to add identity 'blah blah blah' to DB, DB is NULL [2017-07-29 02:12:10.060] WebUISession call callback 43, ListeningSyncEvents = 1 [2017-07-29 02:12:10.062] Sending broadcast ping for 3 shares [2017-07-29 02:12:10.062] Sending broadcast ping for 3 shares [2017-07-29 02:12:10.070] Master Folder Controller: disconnect master folder [2017-07-29 02:12:10.070] Master Folder Controller: no master folder [2017-07-29 02:12:10.070] Master Folder Controller: set secret [2017-07-29 02:12:10.071] assert failed PathVector.cpp:73 [2017-07-29 02:12:10.071] assert failed PathVector.cpp:73 [2017-07-29 02:12:10.071] MD[init]: Master Folder: create [2017-07-29 02:12:10.071] assert failed PathVector.cpp:73 [2017-07-29 02:12:10.071] MD[init]: Master Folder: failed to create 101 [2017-07-29 02:12:10.071] Master Folder Controller: cannot create master folder (error: 101) [2017-07-29 02:12:10.120] ZIP: Can't locate [version.json] in zip, error -100. [2017-07-29 02:12:10.784] Sending broadcast ping for 3 shares [2017-07-29 02:12:11.662] Sending broadcast ping for 3 shares And here the content of the ./sync -folder: 11702313193513589557.1501194522.journal 17022159861700389248.1501194591.journal 381988E12B2CD149F8DB58D8E0203CAE129E665B.2.db 381988E12B2CD149F8DB58D8E0203CAE129E665B.2.db-shm 381988E12B2CD149F8DB58D8E0203CAE129E665B.2.db-wal 5685992543831202687.1501276309.journal A47620673F788184E541310E49E904F1BCE0A57F.1.db A47620673F788184E541310E49E904F1BCE0A57F.1.db-shm A47620673F788184E541310E49E904F1BCE0A57F.1.db-wal BE96FD374E6F83B3CA79D5F572B7372618984D6D.3.db BE96FD374E6F83B3CA79D5F572B7372618984D6D.3.db-shm BE96FD374E6F83B3CA79D5F572B7372618984D6D.3.db-wal debug.txt FileDelayConfig history.dat history.dat.old http.port [ie] settings.dat settings.dat.old storage.db storage.db-shm storage.db-wal sync.dat sync.dat.old sync.log Can someone help me with this time-killer?
  4. I have a Android phone, Linux and Windows computer. RSync on Linux after reboot ask me to create new identity, after creating new identity, the folders are not showing in the Web GUI, but in the phone and Windows shows Linux is online with old identity and syncing well(WTF?).
  5. I use linux (Fedora 25), but I found a bunch of people with the same problem in different OS's So, each time I ran Resilio I either got asked to configure it as if for the first time, which mean I lost all my previos configuration and peers, or and old outdated configuration showed up, which was useless by the time I came across it. The cause? It turn out that, in Linux -don't know the rest of the OS's- Resilio creates a .sync hidden folder in whichever folder you happen to be on when you run it. It is pretty clear if you are in a terminal window (or command prompt). If you run it from a shortcut in Windows I guess it is either the folder where the exec is located, or the path set in the shortcut or whichever folder the Windows Ferries happened to put you in when you ran the program. My solution was to create a scrip (batch file, what have you) which first CDs to a directory and then runs resilio, something like thus, Resilio creates a .sync folder in my /directorychosen directory and uses it every time. Hope it helps.
  6. Hi, i'm new with this sync programm; i've installed it on my server @ home; it works fine; when installing the first client; the installation goes fine. after agreeing the 2 terms, i can push the proceed button but nothing happens. when closing the programm and restart it; i have to create a new idenity, but when pushing the "create identity" button nothing happens. i checked for logfiles in the Roaming directory, but i can't find any logfile with error information. does some have an idea? Reinald
  7. hi! It appears that windows 10 is causing the bittorent sync settings and identity to reset each day. I've disabled windows update and am hoping it stops, but it seems like it's maybe not bittorent sync's fault? But I am not having issues in any other programs though. Basically, each day after the computer has been shut off, new boot up, bittorent sync starts on startup, and it has no identity and a new one has to be created and all folders synced again. No data is being lost, it's just losing all settings daily. I THINK it's windows update that's doing it. Any ideas?
  8. Hi, when I switched to BtSync 2 I was wrong to put my identity. But the GUI is not possible to change the name of the identity. Is there another way to do it? Without losing anything! Thank You Andrea
  9. Hey, I want to setup a vserver with btsync 2.0 automatically with a script and no running btsync webinterface. How does the btsync config file have to look like and how can I automatically link a shared folder to this btsync instance without manually linking it in the webinterface?
  10. Right now, I am just using the free version of BTSync (and I am past the Pro Trial). Can multiple identities have their permission set to 'Owner' for the same shared BTSync Folder? When I share a folder, and I choose "Owner" under permission, the other user does NOT actually get that permission when they add that share folder... they don't get the owner 'crown' icon & they cannot create a share link for that folder.