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Found 5 results

  1. so I have a folder structure as follows /opt | |customer_home| |-170129| |--reports/ |--www/ |--logs/however under customer home there are about 50,000 account id's. My intent is to ignore everything under logs and reports but sync /www I have placed my .SyncIgnore file at the root of my sync ( /opt/customer_home/.SyncIgnore ) with the following /*/logs/*/reports*.tgz*.tar*.cdr.json*.cdr.csv*.txt.tgz*.tar.gz*.pdf*.exe*.dmg*.zipbut it is still syncing files under logs and reports. I am using client 1.4 and syncing between two CentOS 6 systems. Any idea what I am doing wrong?
  2. Hey, maybe I don't have the Syntax right, or somehow or other I am missing something on how to use .SyncIgnore Trying to sync my development web server (with static pages) between work laptop and home desktop. I tried two methods: creating a .SyncIgnore file with UTF-8 encoding and putting the one file I need to ignore in there : # Files to Ignore for this directoryindex.phpOtherwise I tried appending it to the .SyncIgnore file that already existed that looks like so: # .SyncIgnore is a UTF-8 encoded .txt file that helps you specify single files, paths and rules # for ignoring during the synchronization job. It supports "?" and "*" wildcard symbols.### OS generated files #.DS_Store.DS_Store?._*.Spotlight-V100.Trashesehthumbs.dbdesktop.iniThumbs.db/siteDev/index.phpNeither method seems to prevent index.php from syncing. What am I doing wrong here? I tried searching for similar topics, apologize if the answer to this was already available.
  3. I have two peers that I want to keep in sync with one another for software development, while ignoring certain folders. I set up my .SyncIgnore file, and it works initially, but does not apply after any files are updated. Example procedure: Remove all Synced directories on both peers. Delete .SyncArchive on both peers. Restart BT Sync on both peers for good measure.Create .SyncIgnore file at desired Sync root directory on both peers.Add folder to BT Sync on peer 1. .SyncIgnore works fine for now. I see the desired number of files.Change or add files in an ignored BT Sync folder. .SyncIgnore does not work. Files now get added to the list of synced files. I see more than the desired number of files.Add folder to BT Sync on peer 2.Peer 2 sees ignored files of peer 1.I am sad. Am I doing something wrong? Why would SyncIgnore work initially and then just stop working after initial setup? More specifics on what I am trying to do: I want to ignore all files and subfolders in a directory. Let's call the desired ignored directories "foo" and ".bar"I add the following lines to my SyncIgnore´╗┐ I fire up BT Sync as described above and these folders are not added to BT Sync (good).After updating a file or folder in root/some/other/directories/foo/ or root/some/other/paths/.bar/ , the files are added to be synced (bad). Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  4. HI all! I have searched and cannot find a solution, so ... let us see! First of all, LOVE the product. Absolutely. What I am going to try and use this for is syncing user profile directories on 5 computers with one main serer. I would love if I could exclude hidden folders - any way this is possible? Is there a place for predefined ignore files? I did notice that once I deleted the sync directories, and then removed the files.... it still brought down an ISO that didn't exist somehow? Thoughts?
  5. I've read .SyncIgnore with my friends but can't quite understand the meaning, excuse me for my poor English. [A] .SyncIgnore ... will not work with the files that have already been synced. If you add indexed files to .SyncIgnore, they will be deleted on other syncing devices. [A] and seems inconsistent ? And what shall I do to achieve this goal: Ignore some .ini and .log file from both ComputerA and ComputerB, keep them changing in local, don't delete any of them?