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Found 1 result

  1. I recently had to relocate some "Standard Folders" that were shared between two computers. In order to do so I disconnected them and removed them from the desktop app on both computers. This deleted the ".sync" folder that contains the service files etc. Once I'd performed the folder relocations (only the location of the root folder changed), I created a new share to one of the folders and used the key from that to sync the other. Previously, I had been using some filters in the IgnoreList file to exclude certain file types that I didn't really need syncing - mostly temporary files, autosaves and some logs. These entries in the IgnoreList were lost, as I expected. However, the behaviour excluding those files remains the same - those file types I originally excluded are still not syncing and I'm getting the orange error triangle with "99+" and when I expand that it show "Cannot download 562 files" but strangely that's on both, not just one. The reason given is the generic "These files cannot be downloaded as there are no peer sources online for too long time. Sync will continue downloading if any source peer appears online" and is just nonsense. Other shares between the two computers are just fine. I've verified the contents of the IgnoreList on each computer and they're identical with just the default exclusions. I've restarted the app and even the computers - no change. I've even repeated the entire process several times to no avail. I'm running version 2.7.2 (1375). Any ideas?