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Found 6 results

  1. I would be interested in a feature that would allow me to set a download location maybe specifically or some "Default" folder in the OS to download files to.... then as the downloading files complete, it moves them to the folder structure in the place they should be. ISSUE #1 There are a couple issues being addressed here.... One is that "IF I see the file, its complete." I have had a couple instances where it was done syncing, and just hasnt reindexed yet, and had not completed each file download. Meaning I dont take my laptop to the office thinking its done syncing only to find out
  2. Hi, I've been using BTSync to sync my desktop and laptop without having to mount volumes and that jazz. It's working fine except that the program refuses to sync certain files! I have opened .SyncIgnore on both my desktop and laptop (both Macs) to confirm, but they still are in the queue for syncing. I have attached a screenshot of the window showing which files are not syncing. Just note that both the Applications folder, which has a difference of more than a dozen gigabytes, and the Music folder, which just needs to sync the iTunes library file and few other tiny files, have remained in
  3. When I have a folder set to sync, and that folder contains the following items as an example: AAAAA (full folder)BBBBB (file)CCCCC (full folder)DDDDD (full folder)EEEEE (empty folder)FFFFF (full folder)GGGGG (full folder)ZZZZZ (file)and BitTorrent Sync tries to sync the folders and files, this is what happens. BitTorrent syncs all items in decreasing alphabetical order (ZZZZZ, then GGGGG, then FFFFF...) and once getting to EEEEE, doesn't sync any files or folders after that. DDDDD, CCCCC, BBBBB, and AAAAA are not synced. When EEEEE is removed or items are placed in it, the others appear and
  4. Hi all Since a while i struggle with incomplete transfers in read-only folders. I searched a lot on the forums, found similar things but no answer (which worked). Could you please help me with that? Setup: "Origin": OSX, BTSync 1.2.82 "Backup": Debian ARM, BTsync 1.2.82, API enabled. Initial Sync in LAN, now connection over WAN Files: 107GB in 40k Files (mostly pictures) Problem: One file never got synced, the Client on the Mac always had this "arrow UP" and 3.4MB. New files were synced successfully. File was not locked nor write-protected. Debug log on Backup showed: [20140303 09:03:10.20
  5. First of all, I have enabled debug logging but the debug.txt file only contains "FFFF". The problem: System A has about 100 GB of photos which need to synced with system B. Certain files appear in the "Transfer" tab of BTS yet there is no activity listed under the "UP" or "Down" headings. After several seconds, the file disappears from the list yet no file can be found on system B. Looking deeper, I searched through the sync.txt file and found a peculiar set of entries related to the unsuccessfully synced files (appended below). It seems that any problematic file transfer that shows t
  6. I have several folders sync'd between 2 PCs using the read-only secret. On one of them, "A" holds the master files and has copied them to "B". However, BTsync says that "B" has 700k to upload to "A"..?? Since this can't be done, the 2 folders are never fully sync'd. Short of starting the whole process all over again, is there any way to tell which files BTsync thinks are waiting?