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  1. I'm attempting to setup a sync between two mac servers. The folder i'm trying to sync is very large - 2.3 TB (yes, TB, not GB). It contains 215,000 items. The two macs are running current OS (today it's 10.11.6), and current Mac Server. They each have full 1gbps fiber internet. Honestly, is this just too much for Sync to deal with? It's been "indexing" for 3 days. If i allow the machines to communicate, then the sync does start to work... i've left it for 24 hours and several gigs has synced, but it's also Indexing at the same time. I imagine these processes compete for the CPU
  2. folder_rescan_interval can be edited in advanced preferences as a global setting. But, it is useful to allow individual folder specific rescan settings too. Rescan indexing can take a long time if you have lots of files. Example, I have 70K+ files in a lightroom folder, it takes 4 minutes to rescan with a fast SSD. The default rescan interval is 10minutes (600s) which means my laptop spends 40% of the time rescanning eating away battery. I don't need my lightroom folder to rescan every 10minutes, but other smaller document folders I would like to.
  3. Hey Sync Team! I have been using Resilio Sync on my Raspberry Pi for quite a long time now. Everything worked fine until I decided to synchronise my photo storage (roughly 60 GB). Resilio Sync is indexing since 3 days (and nights) straight and there is no end in sight. It is also using 70% of the CPU available on my PI. My two other folders still sync without any problems (they are only 5 GB each), only the big one seems to be stuck at the indexing progress (even though everything was transferred just fine). I hope you can help me! Sincerly Alexander.
  4. I've got what's admittedly a pretty large share, ~38GB, syncing between several Macs and a NAS. 2.3 has been great on the NAS and it works fine on the Macs except the thing is indexing several times an hour and chewing huge amounts of CPU and battery when it does. CPU will peg a core at 100% for 15 minutes at a time and the Energy Impact on my laptops puts BitTorrent Sync as consuming about twice as much power as everything else running on those machines combined. This was a complete non-issue with previous v2.x versions. Is there an
  5. Dear ... I am having issues with resilio sync on Ubuntu 17.10 64 bit. I installed sync, added a folder with the majority of the files already on my drive (pre-seed). I use a 8TB exFAT external HDD, but the indexing is already taking 3 days for only 2.96TB, and overnight nothing happened. What is the problem, and how do I fix this? Syncing happens, but very slow. Kind regards, Joannes Wyckmans
  6. Hi I was syncing some large files from a host down to my external USB drive and It has stuck at indexing, It currently says: 98% - indexing It has been doing this for hours now I tried pausing and resuming did nothing then I tried disconnecting and removing the sync then deleting the sync folder on the HDD and then I set up the sync again to the same destination and stuck at ( 98% - indexing ) again. Files sizes vary but total 30GB. I looks like it is stuck on the last 2 files that have not started to transfer. Thanks for the reply.
  7. I need to synchronize some Virtual Machine (Vmware) , that are splitted in sever files. Basically synchronization have to happen when machine is turned off, so i need to stop synching whenever i open a Virtual machine. Is there a way to stop indexing on folder and restarting only when i need it? If a put the folder in pause i see indexing happening in background (lot of i/o on disk) Apparently unique solutio is to turn off the sync process and restart when i shutdown the machine Any idea? Thank you
  8. Dear Sync community, I've posted the issue previously in but im afraid, the following problem still persists: Resilio Sync 2.4.4 (732) is shown as occupying 100% CPU in 'Activity Monitor'. A folder containing ~114.000 of admittedly small files (45 GB) is constantly shown as indexing, even when setting folder_rescan_interval to e.g. 3600. I noticed the constant indexing issue also on a Synology NAS, however setting folder_rescan_interval to 3600 seems to have helped to alleviate the issue a bit here. On the Mac, running the comm
  9. I'm running on Windows 10. I recently did a fresh install, and wanted to reconnect some sync folders. To start with, I just pointed at the original folder, and copied the link, and then removed the folder on the freenas server, and re-added it. I've done this before and had it working. I receive hundreds of messages about 'invalid modification time', and also messages about failing on downloading files due to 'initial recheck'. Not only this, but the system just scans non-stop. It does not stop thrashing the disk. As soon as one scan is finished, it starts again, completely consumin
  10. First off thank you in advance for assistance and love the product and if I can get this to work as I hope, I will be purchasing Pro for sure. (I'm on 30 day trial right now) Quick Facts - I have 2 NAS (Xeon CPU) unRAID servers and both are running Docker with Sync as a container. Both running Sync 2.4.4. - The idea here is server #1 is my "master" all read/write happens on this server and server #2 is strictly read only from server #1. - I have 6 folders created on server #1 shared as read only to server #2. The size of these folders range from 11GB to 13TB.
  11. Hello, Is it possible to tell resilio to reindex the files.. I am using a shared folder and sometimes when I add files from a specific computer, resilio does not see that file change. In Dropbox, if I pause dropbox and then resume it , the dropbox reindex all the files.. Is there an option like that in Resilio? Thanks, Oren.
  12. I think a key missing feature from Sync is stopping errors from propagating by interacting with the user and presenting her with options on what one can do. As an example, I recently filed an issue #49958 where the indexing was out of control. It turned out that due to some naming conflict (probably due to the composed/decomposed issue) *.Conflict folders were being created. By the time we found out why indexing never finished 1.4 million such conflict folders had been created for one particular weirdly named folder. When stuff like that happens Sync should notify the user that something
  13. Hello, I have a raspberry pi running sync and synchronizing folders from a home NAS (Apple Airport Extreme). It's taking a long time for sync to re-index and find file changes on the NAS as they are modified/added/deleted by other machines accessing it and as far as I know the only way sync finds these changes is on re-scanning/re-indexing the NAS. I have two point's I'd like bring here: 1) Is there a way to speed this process ? For instance prioritizing more important folders over others that I know are not often changed or are less important/critical? 2) Is there a way
  14. I just wrote a long post, but the forum software made it disappear after a permissions issue. Anyways, I'm just I'm going to write something short. I set up btsync to sync my home folder to another computer that should have an already pretty much synced version of the home folder on it (I was previously using syncthing). It's been indexing for hours. I expected cpu usage to be 70% and up during this indexing stage, but it's currently running at around 2%. I can see that it needs to upload 14,819 files, but it doesn't upload. I installed Sierra beta a few days before I installed btsy
  15. I have some virtual disk images that needs to be synchronized between different system. At a given time, the VM is active on only one computer. So there is no problem with corruption or similar. However, when the VM is running, btsync is always indexing the file over and over again. How is it possible to stop btsync indexing the disk image as long as the vitual machine is running? Best regards Daniel
  16. hi, i have version 2.3.6 (378) of btsync running and i have the problem, that indexing somehow needs too much resources of my pc. directly after start of btsync task manager shows relatively high cpu consumtion of btsync (about 30%) - see "processes.png". however, the pc works fine at this moment. the strange thing is, that after about a minute cpu usage of btsync drops to about 5% (see "processes2.png"), but now the pc is becoming nearly unusable. all reactions are very slow and e.g. videos in browser are hardly working anymore. if i stop btsync, then after some moments everything is fin
  17. I use BTSYNC Pro on a windows PC, but the shared 70GB directory is on a NAS. Because of that I can't use window's OS notification system for indexing file changes. The work around is to set scanning intervals using rescan interval in Sync settings -> Advanced -> Power user. I've set it to 36000 which is fine for me. This has been working fine on version 2.2.5 Recently I've updated to the latest 2.3.3 and my NAS was giving heat warnings. Finally, found out BYSYNC was indexing very frequently and for prolong periods of time causing my HDD to spinup. Temporarily I've downgraded
  18. Hello! I am trying to use BTsync with an external HDD, as my main PC SSD is pretty small. I'm trying to sync ~100GB of home movie files in a couple of different formats, but what I find is that as soon as btsync starts indexing the folder on my HDD the HDD becomes extremely slow, but not technically frozen. It takes ~4 minutes to load a folder on this HDD while indexing is running. I tried to get around this last night by leaving my PC on overnight indexing, but when I came in the morning it hadn't actually indexed over night? -- Might be user er
  19. Hi, Having had a ton of issues that I've been able to surmount (namely permissions issues that I could only fix by copying all my files to a new share on the same source NAS), I'm now unable to get this working, and here I came for help. The purpose of my bitsync install is to keep a working server in my company synced with a backup server which I'll keep home after the initial sync (~3.3Tb) has taken place locally. My target NAS is using bittorent sync 1.4, as it is the latest available version for qoriq based Synology NAS, but I have been able to install everything, setup a sh
  20. Hi, i've installed BTSync on my Synology and on two Macs to sync around 100k files in about 25 GB (lots of JPG and RAW files and a Lightroom database). So far it works… but… The Mac-Client – on is a MacBook Pro – is doing an 'indexing' every 10 Minutes. Every 'indexing' takes a few minutes where BTSync is consuming up to 100% CPU. I've searched a bit and read some longer threads about this indexing-feature but i think i didn't really get it: - Indexing is building a catalogue of all files that i like to sync to detect new/deleted files? - But then, changes made on one
  21. I recently got a new phone (Moto X Pure running 6.0) and am having trouble with the android sync app. I have it set up to sync files to an SD Card, but whenever I connect the folder it just starts and stops "indexing" and never actually transfers anything. If I turn on the selective sync and grab a file or two manually they download fine so I know it's not an issue with the SD card/permissions.
  22. I've got tons of issues with the latest version (2.3.3), the biggest one being that folders are suddenly disappearing from BTS all the time after a restart. When re-adding them, indexing will get stuck after a few GB's. I've noticed that if I quit all other clients (so it can't sync the new folder) indexing will finish properly. I've already downgraded to 2.2.7 because of this and the issue of BTS constantly indexing, using up 100% CPU draining my battery (there is already another topic about this).
  23. I have a folder containing a ton of files (probably over a million), most of which will not change, save maybe because of corruption on the disk. From what I understand, indexing causes all the contents of all the files to be read. This takes forever. Is there any way to, say, reindex files only based on their last modified date? Edit: Just realized that wouldn't work, given BTSync is based on the BT protocol.
  24. Hello ! I've been testing btsync for a few days and I was able to sync folders containing a few files/folders succesfully. Btsync seems to be the solution I was waiting for. Now I'm running into a problem : I'm trying to sync a folder containing about 35000 files (about 20Gb) between two synology NAS boxes so I added a folder share on the first one and generated a secret. The btsync web interface tells me this : 21.7 GB in 36915 files (Indexing...) Also, the CPU usage is abnormally high (above 70%) and I'm talking about constant usage, not peak usage. My folder contained originally
  25. It seems that indexing currently only happens on a single share at a time. When adding multiple new shares this would drastically improve speed as now it takes hours/days to sync multiple folders with 100k's of files and TBs of data. Currently, btsync is only using ~15% cpu on an m1.xlarge aws instance.