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  1. I'm attempting to setup a sync between two mac servers. The folder i'm trying to sync is very large - 2.3 TB (yes, TB, not GB). It contains 215,000 items. The two macs are running current OS (today it's 10.11.6), and current Mac Server. They each have full 1gbps fiber internet. Honestly, is this just too much for Sync to deal with? It's been "indexing" for 3 days. If i allow the machines to communicate, then the sync does start to work... i've left it for 24 hours and several gigs has synced, but it's also Indexing at the same time. I imagine these processes compete for the CPU
  2. folder_rescan_interval can be edited in advanced preferences as a global setting. But, it is useful to allow individual folder specific rescan settings too. Rescan indexing can take a long time if you have lots of files. Example, I have 70K+ files in a lightroom folder, it takes 4 minutes to rescan with a fast SSD. The default rescan interval is 10minutes (600s) which means my laptop spends 40% of the time rescanning eating away battery. I don't need my lightroom folder to rescan every 10minutes, but other smaller document folders I would like to.
  3. Hey Sync Team! I have been using Resilio Sync on my Raspberry Pi for quite a long time now. Everything worked fine until I decided to synchronise my photo storage (roughly 60 GB). Resilio Sync is indexing since 3 days (and nights) straight and there is no end in sight. It is also using 70% of the CPU available on my PI. My two other folders still sync without any problems (they are only 5 GB each), only the big one seems to be stuck at the indexing progress (even though everything was transferred just fine). I hope you can help me! Sincerly Alexander.
  4. I've got what's admittedly a pretty large share, ~38GB, syncing between several Macs and a NAS. 2.3 has been great on the NAS and it works fine on the Macs except the thing is indexing several times an hour and chewing huge amounts of CPU and battery when it does. CPU will peg a core at 100% for 15 minutes at a time and the Energy Impact on my laptops puts BitTorrent Sync as consuming about twice as much power as everything else running on those machines combined. This was a complete non-issue with previous v2.x versions. Is there an
  5. Dear ... I am having issues with resilio sync on Ubuntu 17.10 64 bit. I installed sync, added a folder with the majority of the files already on my drive (pre-seed). I use a 8TB exFAT external HDD, but the indexing is already taking 3 days for only 2.96TB, and overnight nothing happened. What is the problem, and how do I fix this? Syncing happens, but very slow. Kind regards, Joannes Wyckmans
  6. Hello ! I've been testing btsync for a few days and I was able to sync folders containing a few files/folders succesfully. Btsync seems to be the solution I was waiting for. Now I'm running into a problem : I'm trying to sync a folder containing about 35000 files (about 20Gb) between two synology NAS boxes so I added a folder share on the first one and generated a secret. The btsync web interface tells me this : 21.7 GB in 36915 files (Indexing...) Also, the CPU usage is abnormally high (above 70%) and I'm talking about constant usage, not peak usage. My folder contained originally
  7. It seems that indexing currently only happens on a single share at a time. When adding multiple new shares this would drastically improve speed as now it takes hours/days to sync multiple folders with 100k's of files and TBs of data. Currently, btsync is only using ~15% cpu on an m1.xlarge aws instance.
  8. I have five devices in my sync network: two desktop PCs (win7), 1 laptop PC (win 8.1), one iphone 6+, and one android phone (Sony Z1 compact android v5.0.2). I turned on "Camera backup" on the iPhone and connected it to the SD card on the android phone. This causes the Android phone to go into "indexing" mode endlessly, which quickly drains the battery on the phone. There are 7.6GB of photos on the iphone. It works fine when I use the built-in storage on the Android phone, I only have this problem when I use the SD card. No problem syncing with the PCs. I have tried several times wiping
  9. Hey, I'm running BTSync 2.0.105 on a Raspberry Pi 2 and successfully synced 1,8TB and more than 160.000 files from a Drobo 5N to this machine via a read only share. I did the initial sync via LAN, which took about a week. The two devices are now connected via the internet. I recently had to exchange the hard drive of the Pi. I used RSync to copy the data from the old drive and readded the same share using the path to the new hard drive. Unfortunately the reindexing seems to be quite slow. I roughly estimated it will take about a week to reindex and wonder if this is normal, even if there
  10. I would be interested in a feature that would allow me to set a download location maybe specifically or some "Default" folder in the OS to download files to.... then as the downloading files complete, it moves them to the folder structure in the place they should be. ISSUE #1 There are a couple issues being addressed here.... One is that "IF I see the file, its complete." I have had a couple instances where it was done syncing, and just hasnt reindexed yet, and had not completed each file download. Meaning I dont take my laptop to the office thinking its done syncing only to find out
  11. I've set up a linux server with bittorrent sync. The folders are on an external HDD drive. After almost 24h it finally finished indexing - yes the server is slow - but the HDD still doesn't spin down. This is a little troubling, I'm sure the external HDD is not supposed to run non-stop. Apparently this is connected to the indexing intervals. Sync will check the folder for changes every 10 minutes and that keeps the HDD from spinning down. I need to adjust this indexing interval. This seemed perfect:
  12. I'm using sync 1.4 on linux systems. It works very well except on one box. This particular box has just rebuilt with a fresh in stall of linux and bittorrent sync and we are having the same problem. I'm trying to have a number of systems sync to a common directory on a server (since the server is up 24/7). 2 of the 3 systems work flawlessly moving back an forth the few files that have changed. But one of the system takes many minutes (as many as 30) to sync up even though there are just a handfull of files that have changed. While the sync is happening bittorrent sync says "out of sync
  13. Hello everybody, I have performance issues with Sync app I have noticed Sync does an index re-calculation every time I open the application. This is a problem because I have a share containing lot of pictures taking up to 29 GB of space, so the indexing seems to take for ages. In addition to this I haven't added any new photos to the folder, so Sync should do anything at all. After that I tried to disable this share by selecting the pause menu. Although the GUI displayed the paused state, I still could see some CPU and network utilization in a resource monitoring app. Does anybod
  14. Hello folks, I´m using sync for a rather large folder (~20 TB) and I wonder why sync has to re-index the folder after a version upgrade (in my case now from 1.3 to 1.4). Re-Indexing large folders like this really takes a quite long time (on my Xeon machine around 1 day, on the slower Opteron machine nearly 2 days). Isn´t there a way to keep the index when upgrading or am I doing something wrong ? Thx !
  15. Hi, I have a few folders setup for syncing. Most of them work fine but I have issues with folders that contain many files and subfolders. I have a music library that I know is about 53.8 GB in size and contains 11,092 items but in btsync I only see 50.1 GB 9,483 files. The diff in items vs. files could probably be due to that items take folders into account but I would expect the size to match. When I later try to sync this folder to another computer via btsync I see the arrow for download and also the size 50.1 GB that needs to be downloaded but is seem like nothing actually gets downloaded
  16. Hi, i'm running Synology DS212j. I have roughly 600GB Data and tryed BT-Sync with an Read Only Secret to backup on the fly to two offsite backups. I don't have any problems with smaller folders but when I add the whole main folder my BT-Sync stops indexing at 37628 files or 27,4 GB. Does have BT-Sync problems with bigger folders? Best regards, Frell P.S.: If this belongs in the troubleshooting department, plz move the thread. I wasn't sure if I should post it in troubleshooting or NAS
  17. I have found a problem in the indexing code of BTSync. I had a huge problem when trying to Sync a huge folder. The size and number of files didn't matched. I have enabled the debug log, started a fresh installation of BTSync 1.3.94 on a Server 2003 machine. Indexing process stopped at about 15% of the size and files. The relevant part of the Sync.log file shows: [2014-05-01 09:47:41] SyncFilesController [file updated]: Processing file \\?\D:\Main\2009\A\Photo Reg Templates\PhotoReg Temp.doc 1350671957 157696[2014-05-01 09:47:41] SyncFilesController [file updated]: Processing file \\?\D:\Ma
  18. Hi, I'm using btsync 1.3.94 on Ubuntu 14.04. NTFS USB hard drive is mounted and btsync synhronizes some folders on that HDD. Recently I've added some new files and noticed that btsync just ingnores them. Debug shows that files are skipped: [20140505 17:35:08.588] SyncFilesController[file updated]: New file "/media/brand/My Passport/sunduk/foto/original/2013/20130709/ph/DSCN2075_20130714_124852.JPG" (R/O). Skipping I suspect that it can be NTFS partition issues, but the question is, what does (R/O) means? Read only? Files are not read only. Partition is mountes as rw and I can delete t
  19. Hello, So I set up all my syncs in Windows (3 different directories, one of which has over 200,000 files in it and is approx 330GB). After everything was done, I was left with three .db files in... C:\Users\{some user}\AppData\Roaming\BitTorrent Sync I copied the same Windows directories to MyBook Live which was mounted as a drive in Windows. The idea being to 'seed' the initial sync. I took the above mentioned .db files (one for each sync'ed directory) and put them the the .sync directory on MyBook Live. Before doing that, I updated the .db files using the Firefox SqlLite plug-in (bas
  20. I have 2 Server 2003 machines with BT Sync 1.3.87 for Windows. The administrator is the owner of the BT Sync task in both machines. Site A has many unchanged files (pictures, movies, zip files, etc...) and some files actively changed. It is a huge folder tree of 350GB that is now half uploaded to Site B using BT Sync. Site B is a backup machine and no other task is accessing the synced folders except BT Sync. The extrange behavior happens in Site B. Every 26 seconds the backup folder is indexing the very same 160 files (aprox.) and the message "Updated file XXXXXXXX" is shown in the histor
  21. Canonical stops its storage service ubuntu one in the coming months. The code of the synchronization software is to be released as open source. Compared to btsync ubuntu one does not need as much computing power. Maybe you can improve btsync on the basis of the source code.
  22. Hi, I have successfully setup btsync on one directory, and this has completely indexed and synced with no issues. However, for whatever reason, the second directory I have tried to add is only partially indexing - of 90 subfolders, only 9 are actually picked up by btsync. I have checked, and permissions are identical, and there is nothing in .syncignore that should be causing this. The file count is high due to lots of small text files - indexing stops at 7000-ish (those 9 folders with way more to go) and then reports that it is complete. The only thing the log tells me is 'Loaded folder
  23. Just installed btsync on two laptops, both running Ubuntu 12.04. Created a ~/btsync directory, put the btsync executable in each, ran ./btsync. Made a secret, put the secret in on the other laptop. The WebUI showed that the folders on the two laptops were recognized. I copied some files into the ~/btsync directory, it sync'd up. As easy and straighforward as I could hope for. Cool. Not too long after, though, the webui showed that it was 'indexing', and the computer became very slow. 'top' showed that several instances of btsync were very very busy. The hard drive light was on constan
  24. I have just downloaded the latest version of Bittorrent Sync on Ubuntu via the apt archive. I added a folder and used as my secret a read-only secret from a friend's computer running on OS X. But he's not actually connected right now. The software started scanning my drive, which contains 1TB of data (my friend initially copied the files to this drive locally so we wouldn't have to push all 1TB over the Internet). I monitored the progress of indexing by watching the web UI and could see it making progress (the total size was growing). But it stopped making progress at 62.1GB in 452 files,
  25. Hi all, I am trying to sync a few folders in my office linux file server and a WD My Book Live NAS at home. I have installed BTSync 1.2.82 in the file server successfully, all folders indexed (about 80 GB in total). I also installed BTSync on the NAS successfully. However 2 of the folders will not stop indexing. I thought maybe it was a large file somewhere, but I have waited for 2 days already. Also, the syncing is not happening as well, I'm guessing because of the indexing problem. The rest of the shared folders are working. I looked through the forum for answers and have done as wha