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  1. Hi! Resilio is a great software but one feature I'd really want to see is an option to create an encrypted folder somewhere to sync and keep photos from my iPhone. This should be a relatively easy to enable, as I believe all necessary functionality is already there in the app. Thanks for considering! -- PJ
  2. Good day. Today I’ve been installed resilio into my deb server. When i tried to sync my whole iPhone gallery with photos, I noticed that syncing only 865 photos from almost 6 thousands. When I connected iPhone to pc I saw that iPhone has many directories in photo gallery with photos and resilio syncs only first one called 100Apple, other directories called 101Cloud, 102cloud and so on. iCloud photos is enabled on my phone. Is this possible to sync whole my photo library?
  3. Resilio Sync mobile used to work fine on iOS. Today I upgraded Resilio Sync to 2.6.4 then all the issues come out. 1. file share / copy file to sync no longer work. It supposed to popup a menu asking which folder in Sync I should choose to store the file. But on 2.6.4, nothing happens. 2. I tried to delete Sync app and download the latest 2.6.4 from appstore again. The copy file to sync issue is gone. But new issue is I have to manually add all shared folder because it is a brand new install now. After enter the share key and name the folder, it does not sync! I go to 'advanc
  4. iPhone or iPad show that Sync takes a lot of space. Browsing through the app does not confirm that - the synced files take far less space than reported. Solution: go to Sync settings - > Support -> Contact support. *INSTEAD OF* email address type SNC.DBG.STORAGE (all caps), other fields leave untouched, tap on 'envelope' icon. You shall get a new pop up with Sync's storage folder . Browse through folders, especially Storage/.syncservice directory and "Files Storage Provider" . If it's "Files Storage Provider" that takes the space, you may delete the shares from Files Stora
  5. Hello, I am trying to troubleshoot why I cannot search by kMDItemFinderTag in the iOS 11 Files app. The Finder tags appear in the lefthand sidebar under 'Tags' after I synced my Resilio Sync / macOS folder to my iPad and integrated Resilio Sync into the Files App. However, when I select a tag from the sidebar, no results appear. Also, searching by tag in the Search Bar brings up no results. It seems that Sync does support syncing Finder Tags, according to this page: I am syncing a large folder o
  6. I'm a Pro user and since I switched to an iPhone supporting Live Photos, I discovered that Resilio Sync doesn't transfer iOS Live Photos. Without this feature I'm obliged to use iCloud Photo Library.
  7. I take a lot of pictures on my iPhone 6s and then transfer them to my PC. I open an existing read write folder that is synced to the PC. I then punch the + sign to add files to the folder. I then select the "photo" tab and then the "all photos" tab. In parentheses it shows 76 photos, there are several hundred photos on the camera roll. The photos it shows are mixed up and not current. How can I make Resilio "see" all of the camera roll. I have been using Resilio since it changed from BitSync, several years I believe and this problem just started several months ago after a iOS update. Can anyth
  8. I have several folders on my Mac that I want synced to iOS devices. The first time I set the folder to sync, it works fine. Subsequently when I open Sync, it will list files, but not have synced them to my iPad. On the Mac side, it reports that's it's synced. 1) If I click on an individual file, it will transfer/sync that file. The problem is that it doesn't automatically sync the whole folder, even though the folder is "synced". If I Clear the folder, then Sync it, then it syncs them all, but it's had to download all files again. 2) The opposite problem is that files that were
  9. Hey guys, how do I get music that I sync with resiliosync in iOS into any music app? I saw it's possible to play the music within resiliosync-app itself, but i need it in VLC or something. thanks for your help. best regards, hans
  10. Hi, With the introduction of iOS 11 Apple has introduced a new 'Files' app in which it provides the possibility to conveniently consolidate and access all your files spread out on various services and apps. Resilio Sync is also in the list of apps it gives access to but proper integration is not yet available. I would like to post a request for integration so that we can add files to or get files from Sync within the Files app. Thanks, Jan
  11. ios 10.3; sync 2.5.10 file is deleted from device and placed in archive. how do i access the archive so that i can delete the file from the archive and free up the storage it is using? thanks.
  12. Typically, I have a lot of duplicated pictures on my CameraRoll (HDR, portrait, several shots of the same scene). From time to time, I remove the bad pictures. When I then sync with Resilio to my PC, the deleted pictures are not removed from the PC. Is there a way to do so? E.g. disable and enable the camera backup? My folder on the PC is backed up. Therefore, I'm not afraid of data loss in case of accidentally deleted pictures in the CameraRoll.
  13. We do want to hear from you what you want to see in SyncApp mobile version. Must have features, how you plan to use SyncApp on phone or tablet or anything else you want to share with us. To answer your immediate question: yes, we started developing SyncApp mobile and it will see the light of day quite soon.
  14. I have my Camera Backup enabled; it successfully identifies two MBP's; one connects and syncs flawlessly; the other hangs 'Connecting...' and is, oddly, on the same wifi as the iPhone. Why won't it connect? iOS 10.3.3 macOS Sierra
  15. Here's a batch of screenshots I took from my phone using a network utility app while connected to the OpenVPN server I have set up on my network. Everything in these screenshots points to the fact that the phone can see/ping one of my LAN peers running Sync on port 33545 (, it can even make a direct connection on the Sync listening port!... green lights across the board... but when I open the Sync app with a connected folder with all default options except "Use relay server", none of the 8+ LAN c
  16. Hello, iOS has that special feature to send a file to another app (push file) oder to open a file from another app (pull file). These mechanisms are fundamental to work with files under iOS and thus they are fundamental to Resilio Sync. Unfortunately these mechanisms do not work. I tested this with PowerPoint and PDF Expert. PowerPoint: Can not open files from Resilio (error message). Can not save to Resilio (creates file with 0 bytes). PDF Expert: Can not open files from Resilio Sync (nothing happens at all). Especially with PDF Expert I never had any problems a
  17. Hello, I would like to be able to set predefined hosts for my folders on the Android and iOS applications and eventually disable the use of tracker, relay server and DHT network. I have a couple of folders configured this way on my PCs and therefore I cannot share them on my mobile devices. I think this is a pretty popular request (it is already mentioned in several topics every now and then), so it is worth to have a separate thread for it. Cheers, JoKo
  18. It would be nice to show markdown file in preview mode (instead of source code mode)
  19. I use Resilio Sync to store plain text files, to sync between my Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Resilio Sync does this just fine, and because it serves as a document provider, I can preview and open the existing files in a variety of apps. I use 1Writer for this which is a nice app and works fairly well. However, when I create a document in 1Writer, the only way I can get documents into Resilio Sync is by storing them locally on the IOS device and then copying them over (one at a time) to the appropriate Sync folder. This is a bit of a pain. 1Writer allows integration with iCloud and Drop
  20. I am one of those with t-mobile for my cell provider and so per This article i am unable to connect to my peers. I have been trying to make use of a socks5 server provided by however, when I enter the proxy information and login info into the iOS sync app's proxy section it appears to have no effect. After i return to the main folder page in the app I still am not connected to my peers. When i return to the proxy information screen on the app in advanced the proxy option is turned off and the proxy information is blank. I'm at a comple
  21. Indeed the recycle bin, and using Windows Explorer to look in folders; the programs you used are not designed to search for files; especially programs like Elements, which uses a catalog is not what you need now. Moving files confuses PS Elements organiser enough to make it seem like you lost files, while they're actually there. When things go wrong, use the basic tools provided in Windows itself (explorer, search). For file recovery programs, I've use Software for Recovering Deleted Files on a few occassions; it's free and it works as good as can be expected. The main thing is to stop using t
  22. Hi all and especially the developers, It would be great if I could use 3D touch to upload file or photo, search files or folders. Thanks
  23. Found a bug on iOS ver 2.4.5(286) Step: 1. Open Sync (turned the password protection on or touch ID on) 2. Click the right tag of one file to share (Open in) to another APP 3. 'Open in' the file to another APP 4. Come back Sync 5. Click the right tag on another file to share (Open in) to another APP (same APP as step 2) 6. You will find no response when click in step 5. No problem if turned the password protection off or touch ID off
  24. As is mentioned on this thread... It would be great if the app would automatically sync. I have other apps that automatically do things in the background - the application "Downcast" is good at this.