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Found 13 results

  1. Hi, I used to use this great product on my android tablet seamlessly, but since the time I moved to ipad I started to have a major problem. I had a folder full of pdf on my android tablet and as soon as I annotated and commented on a pdf file on my tablet, I had the same changes in my pdf file on pc. Now I can still sync between ipad and pc but the problem is that when I open your app on ipad and open a pdf file from inside your app and comment on it, my comments do not save on the same file. Instead some other numbered copies are added to my acrobat reader on ipad. This is a major problem for me. Please help me. How can I sync my pdf files without using cloud storage between ipad and pc? Lots of thanks in advance for your kind helping hand. Best.
  2. Hello, I am trying to troubleshoot why I cannot search by kMDItemFinderTag in the iOS 11 Files app. The Finder tags appear in the lefthand sidebar under 'Tags' after I synced my Resilio Sync / macOS folder to my iPad and integrated Resilio Sync into the Files App. However, when I select a tag from the sidebar, no results appear. Also, searching by tag in the Search Bar brings up no results. It seems that Sync does support syncing Finder Tags, according to this page: I am syncing a large folder of ebooks and would like to be able to searching for them easily by tag, not just name. Oh, and I just remembered, the search bar in the Files app won't find files based on filename either; I can only browse earch folder to find the file I'm looking for. Is this a limitation of Resilio Sync's integration with the Files App, or is something else at play? Also, if someone has an easier method for uploading ebooks and searching by tag on iOS 11, please let me know! One thing I think important to note, my Resilio Sync app versions and iOS/macOS versions: (not sure if the difference between HFS and APFS would affect the tags syncing, but does not seem to be a problem according to this article: macOS: Sierra 10.12.6 Resilio Sync Mac app : 2.6.0 (1317) iOS: 11.3.1 Resilio Sync iOS: 2.6.1 Any help is much appreciated!
  3. When using the iPad app with a larger font the progress bar is blocked by the larger text when files are syncing. Reducing the font size the progress bar shows correctly again. Bar should show correctly no matter what text or font you use.
  4. Hi! iPad using BitTorrent Sync version 2.3.5 (254) client, my home network has 2 Raspberry Pi running BitTorrent Sync v2.3.3 (296). I was visiting our summer cabin this last weekend and used iPhone to create a hotspot for our iPad for connection via 3g. So after starting up the BitTorrent Sync app on the iPad, the servers on my home network tried to connect to 172.20.10.x, the same IP-address iPhone gave to the iPad. By looking in the Sync logs you see peer information for an external ip and a local ip (172.20.10.x). Then the server tries to ping 172.20.10.x, of course with no result (timed out). Questions: 1) is this a bug in the client app for iPad/iPhone? 2) Are my BitTorrent servers not really understanding the protocol from the iPad client app? 3) Is this an aggressive peer discovery protocol running amok? Anyhow, thanks for a great product! Regards
  5. Hi all- Trying to add existing folders to my iPad, and every time I go to scan the QR code, as soon as it recognizes the QR code, the dialog closes but it doesn't add the folder. I've tried pasting the link in from email and it doesn't recognize the link. iPhone client it working fine. Known bug? Thanks in advance, Darren David
  6. Hello, I cannot link my ipad. the problem is that i cannot scan the qr code. Picture
  7. Hello, I have a question about how the Syncing is working when using an iPad: is the iPad contributing to the swarm? I mean, once my iPad has finished syncing with my desktop, if I shut down the desktop, is the iPad continue to be part of the swarm as long as the App is running? For example if the iPad keeps running while charging at night. Thanks, Mas73.
  8. I've installed the latest version available in the app store on my iPad mini 3 running ios 8.1. I'm unable to set up camera sync due to permissions issues. The error is that I need to allow sync to have permission to photos. However, sync does not appear under photos. It does, however, have permission to "camera" (which I assume is only for qr codes).
  9. Hi I find BTSync very usefull tool I use it on my NAS server and all computers plus iPad. Recently I tried to load PDF file from my email to folder in iPad. I have folders named using convention 2014.1.ProjectA etc. Unfortunately on iPad BTSync see this folder as file and I can't upload the file to it. Hope that this can be fixed easily. Thanks Piotr
  10. I have an iPad 3 running iOS 7.02, I've downloaded the sync app, installed and connected my folder successfully. Questions I have could be included in Manual under mobile section. Silly question: where are the offline files accessed from? I cannot find a place to access them offline using the iPad. I also have a Samsung Galaxy SIII that clearly asks for a destination folder for the offline files. Android is working great offline, iPad not so much. How can I get to my offline files on my iPad 3?
  11. Hi guys, While testing the functionalities of BTSync using an iPhone, I found no way of deleting the sync's (secrets) I had entered into the iOS app. I had created a few "temp" and "test" folders on my desktop, which were sync'ed to the iPhone as I entered the secrets for these folders. When I later added proper folders I wished to sync, I wanted to remove these "temp" and "test" folders from the iOS App, but found no way to do so: I had to remove the app altogether and start anew, entering the secrets again for the proper folders. Is this intensional, or is it an oversight in the app design? Brgds, NomenNescio
  12. My ipad and android phone and computer are all in my home network, my android phone can sync files to computer very fast, but my ipad just syn photes below 1kB. Most photes in ipad are synced very fast firstly util ipad sync a 650mb move file. Please solve the bug soon. I have tried for many times to restart/reinstall the sync application, but I fail. By the way, please open source the software, and we can solve such bugs by ourselves.
  13. I had no problem running the iPhone version previously--other than the ugly/scaled UI. Was excited too see you finally released a universal binary. But alas, after upgrading the app won't start. It immediately crashe upon startup. But still shows on the task list. I've even hard reset the iPad to no avail. It's an iPad 2 hapily running iOS5. I have a few different sync folders plus syncing of my camera roll.