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  1. Good day. Today I’ve been installed resilio into my deb server. When i tried to sync my whole iPhone gallery with photos, I noticed that syncing only 865 photos from almost 6 thousands. When I connected iPhone to pc I saw that iPhone has many directories in photo gallery with photos and resilio syncs only first one called 100Apple, other directories called 101Cloud, 102cloud and so on. iCloud photos is enabled on my phone. Is this possible to sync whole my photo library?
  2. When the camera roll on my iphone is synced to the folders on my computer they retain the original file name. I wish the file name was a date or customizable instead of dcf450394.jpg.
  3. I have my Camera Backup enabled; it successfully identifies two MBP's; one connects and syncs flawlessly; the other hangs 'Connecting...' and is, oddly, on the same wifi as the iPhone. Why won't it connect? iOS 10.3.3 macOS Sierra
  4. Hi all and especially the developers, It would be great if I could use 3D touch to upload file or photo, search files or folders. Thanks
  5. Hi there, it would be great to improve support encrypted folders on iPhone. I use Sync between my local Mac mini, my iPhone, and my VPS Server. The remote VPS serves as a “cloud” that I own. Sync is definitely the fastest way for me to keep identical data on multiple machines, including an iOS app for access on the go. Examples: - macOS (online) <-> iOS (online) - macOS (offline) <-> VPS (online) <-> iOS (online) - macOS (online) <-> VPS (online) <-> iOS (offline) - etc... I don't want to store my sensitive data on VPS Server without encryption. If I add Encryption Folder on macOS and store encrypted data on VPS server, I've an issues with sync on iPhone - Sync consumes double amount of memory and CPU power, - Several files couldn't be available on iOS (if my macOS will be offline) I've sended requests #55434 and #55500, but there is nothing useful in that simple use case. You made a great functionality - Encrypted Folders - , please make it useful on all my devices. Thanks
  6. Hi, Since updating from BTSync to Resilio sync i've noticed a problem with the folder structure of my iPhone backup folder. With BTSync all files would back up in one folder, with Resilio sync they back up successfully but are in separate folder, 101Apple, 102Apple, 103Apple etc? See pic attached. I've tried deleting and re-adding the backup folder, is there something i'm doing wrong?
  7. Hi! iPad using BitTorrent Sync version 2.3.5 (254) client, my home network has 2 Raspberry Pi running BitTorrent Sync v2.3.3 (296). I was visiting our summer cabin this last weekend and used iPhone to create a hotspot for our iPad for connection via 3g. So after starting up the BitTorrent Sync app on the iPad, the servers on my home network tried to connect to 172.20.10.x, the same IP-address iPhone gave to the iPad. By looking in the Sync logs you see peer information for an external ip and a local ip (172.20.10.x). Then the server tries to ping 172.20.10.x, of course with no result (timed out). Questions: 1) is this a bug in the client app for iPad/iPhone? 2) Are my BitTorrent servers not really understanding the protocol from the iPad client app? 3) Is this an aggressive peer discovery protocol running amok? Anyhow, thanks for a great product! Regards
  8. I would find it nice if it was possible to change the filename, when saving it to the bittorrent sync folder. When I choice to sync a picture to the folder, I select the folder and the filename (ex. Image0954.jpg) is shown (as non editable) - whwn I accept folder by pressing 'save'. If it was possible to change the filename from the iPhone, to something explainable it would be ealier to use the folder - and to get an overview.* *) a file creation date would also do the overview easier.
  9. Hey Guys - Well, it's time for a phone upgrade and I can't decide between Android or iPhone again. The primary reason I would want Android is because of how you can use BTSync with it. Here's what I do with my current Android phone (m7): What I Currently Do on Android (Want to do on iPhone) - Have BTSync Pro which has computer and phone linked (plus other devices) - My PC automatically downloads an MP3 radio show daily, renames it, and moves it to a folder syned with my phone - My Android phone checks for and syncs the folder (plus my Titanium backup & music folders) over the night - updating / adding the downloaded MP3s from that day - When in the car in the morning, Tasker detects when connected to car's bluetooth and starts to play the new MP3 show automatically I realize that audio files can be synced with iPhone's iOS, but seemingly I can only play them by launching the BTSync app which has pretty basic playing support. Due to Apple's closed filesystem, you cannot open a separate app and browse to / open the synced MP3 files as you can in Android. I've tried this even on Jailbroken iPhones and the file may be copied from BTSync's folder to another app's folder, but it takes a while to do and I'll need to do this daily. The only workarounds I can think of with the above situation would be a script to run in a jailbroken iphone's terminal each morning to copy the file, a BTSync feature added to sync folders other than the ones in it's app's data folder, or a feature to open the audio file in 3rd party app. My Questions 1. Is the above correct about how BTSync works in iOS or am I missing something? 2. Any suggestions for how I could do what I do on Android in iOS? (Don't care about auto playback) 3. If no, are there any future plans to implement something like this (if even possible with Apple's rules) Thanks guys!
  10. Hi ! I have a synology (214play) with the bitsync soft and an iphone with the bitsync App. Everything used to work well until i updated the soft on the NAS. Since that moment, the sync has not been worked on my iphone. I cleaned everything on my iphone app and repaired the app with my folder on the NAS. That works, and both the app and the soft see each other. BUT the folder in the app does not fill up. In the details, it is written that there is no files at all in it, 0ko, etc.. whereas on the soft it is correctly written the right storage of the folder. What should i do ? Thank you !
  11. Hi, I've just updated the BTSync app on my iOS iPhone (latest iOS). The first problem I had was that the app kept disappearing after a few seconds whenever I started it up. I rebooted a few times but it made no difference. Finally I managed to sort this by clicking quickly on one of the app buttons before it disappeared, and after allowing it to use the camera, then cancelling the operation I managed to get back to the Folders view and it has been stable since. Just mentioning this in case this is a bug to be checked out... The main 'problem' I have now is that two of the three 'Backing up to:' devices on the iPhone are always listed as in the Connecting... mode. The other is fine and has synced. Looking at BTSync on each device shows they have successfully synced with the iPhone, but they each have a different list files to upload to each other. Can I fix this? Or is it normal? Mikman.
  12. I am trying to sync folders from my notebook on my iPhone 6 using Sync 2.0 desktop for windows and app for iPhone. The initial sync went smooth after connecting the iPhone with the camera. Too bad that afterwards the (running) desktop and the (running) iPhone show each other as "offline" (both are using the same WLAN). Does anybody has an idea what the problem could be? Many thanks in advance! Michael
  13. I have five devices in my sync network: two desktop PCs (win7), 1 laptop PC (win 8.1), one iphone 6+, and one android phone (Sony Z1 compact android v5.0.2). I turned on "Camera backup" on the iPhone and connected it to the SD card on the android phone. This causes the Android phone to go into "indexing" mode endlessly, which quickly drains the battery on the phone. There are 7.6GB of photos on the iphone. It works fine when I use the built-in storage on the Android phone, I only have this problem when I use the SD card. No problem syncing with the PCs. I have tried several times wiping the files, renaming the folders, etc. I have tried creating another "test" folder and tried syncing that to the android SD card, and that works fine. I have other sync folders and they work fine. Only time I have this problem is with the iPhone camera backup syncing with the Android SD card. Is this a bug? Is there any workaround? It works fine when I store the sync folder on the Android internal storage, but the internal storage on the android phone just doesn't have enough space ... I have to use the SD card. Craig
  14. Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me because this issue is driving me nuts. On Version 1.4 it worked OK, but seems to have changed in 2.0 I have a Netgear NAS to which I want to back up my iPhone camera roll. This backs up OK and I'm fine with this. I also have a folder that I want to share with my PC, my Macbook and my iPad (called BTShare) When I try to share just the BTShare folder to my other units, I also get the iPhone camera backup which I do not want. Basically, I just want the iphone to back up to the NAS with no other unit having access, but every unit to have access to the BTShare folder. Am I missing something obvious here? I've been trying for the last couple of hours, but cannot get it to work. I basically have this folder structure on the NAS /btsync/BTShare (shared folder for all units) /btsync/iPhone camera backups (only for backup from iPhone. No access from other units) Please help, because I love BTSync.
  15. I downloaded the latest version of Sync on my Pc and my iPhone 5s running iOS 8.1. I created an accound on my PC, and when i try to link my iPhone via the QR Code it gives me the following message: "Can't link your devices. Please check your connection and try again" Do you have any solution for this problem? P.S. I tried to link my devices both on Wi-Fi and 4G
  16. Hi all, I've noticed that Sync won't play video in fullscreen on iOS. Whenever I start a video it plays in 'portrait mode' and will not adjust to fullscreen when the phone is rotated. This wasn't an issue in the previous version of the iOS app. Has anyone else noticed this? I'm not sure how to log a problem in the iOS app, but if there's any info missing from the above let me know.
  17. I have an iPhone 5s that I want to use the camera back-up option to sync to my manjaro desktop. I have turned on the camera back-up on the phone, sent myself the key in an email and opened it in the desktop. The desktop shows pending and I have a notice in the notification area of my phone saying an approval is pending, but when I open the app and click on approvals, it says 'No requests to approve'. If I click on the notification in the pull down notification area, it takes me to the app and say no requests. What am I doing wrong?
  18. I've upgraded my iPad to IOS8, and I've found many issue (btsync version1.4.60 on iPad Air): 1) when I try to see a file with the quick look option , it remains closed. 2) The "open with..." option does not open anything. 3) Sync remains stopped even if the other peers suggests a lot of files to be synced Probably Btsync must be upgraded soon...
  19. I'm experiencing a camera backup permission problem on 8.1 IOS that I hope someone can help me with. New install of iOs 8.1, just downloaded and started using Bittorrent Sync. When I swipe to enable camera backup, error says "Bittorrent Sync does not have permission to access your photos. Go to Privacy > Photos > Bittorrent Sync to enable." But, when I go to the privacy settings in my Iphone, Bittorrent Sync is not listed among the apps requesting permission. Any insights or work around? Why isn't Sync requesting permission to access my photos? All I can find on the topic are references to the camera roll problem being resolved by 8.1. , but I just switched to 8.1 before I even installed bittorrent sync.
  20. Hello since I made an update with the iPhone to iOs the sync doesn't work anymore. And I don't exactly know how to make the connection new. A little more detailed: I synced already the photos from the iPhone to my computer. Now I would like to continue the sync from the last situation. I don't want to install all new and sync the same pictures again. Has anyone an idea? Or does anyone know if there is a german forum for BitTorrent Sync? I couldn't find one. Thank you very much for your help. Best regards
  21. Is it now impossible to backup the camera on my iPhone to a computer running the 1.3 client? It only allows you to send a GetSync URL, not the actual secret. I derived the secret by installing 1.4 on another machine and beginning Sync, but when I attempted to add that secret to the 1.3 client on the other machine, I got 'You don't have permissions to share part of a read-only-folder'. Very strange. I tried it again but pointed it to a different folder on a different drive and it worked. Any idea what that error msg was about?
  22. I've got BT Sync 1.4 running on iOS 7.1.2 syncing to OSX 10.9.4. I want to change permissions on OSX to full permissions for that synced folder instead of read only. I assume it's possible but I can't figure out where to change it from. Anybody know how to do this?
  23. Apple iOS problem 'same Key for more then one iOS Phone with the same Apple ID' BitTorrentSync on two iPhones generate always the same secret key! Both iPhones are registrated with the same Apple ID (for childs) Soory that i use more than one iPhone ;-) What can we do? Nice day Greetings Ingo
  24. Dear Sync Tean, please give us a landscape mode. I have a file storage with many long filenames, which I cannot differentiate among, since they are all truncated. Alternatively, please enable swiping long file names, so that one can read them or "hover" mode, so that the full name pops up....
  25. Hi all, I had a question about how the BTsync app works, specifically on an iphone. I have: set up a sync folder for my Music Library downloaded and installed the Sync App for iPhone scanned the QR code opened the app and seen my Music Library folder (wh00t!)So now, at this point, I see the folder on my iPhone. I do *not8 have automatic downloads on. What is the behavior of the app if I: tap the Music Library folder (now I see all my artist folders) - will the entire folder download to my phone to be stored locally?tap the folder called "Sting" (now I see "Ten Summoner's Tales" - again, will the entire folder download to my phone to be stored locally?tap the folder called "Ten Summoner's Tales" - now I see the list of MP3s. Again, what is the phone doing? What gets stored?tap one of the MP3s - at this point, there is a green checkmark on the file. I assume *now* the file gets stored locally, because I can play it shortly thereafter This would be an interesting scenario for a video portfolio. You could store the files on a server and choose which ones you would take with you on your iPad for client viewing. I've read the (short) litt on the app - but I'm still not clear on the actual storage behavior. I have a huge library, and don't want it to overload my phone. Any help appreciated - thanks! MR