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Found 2 results

  1. Pretty much the title. I would like to know if keeping a peer open all the time would trigger some sort of warning with my ISP, because I plan on syncing my music library (that I paid for) which obviously contains copyrighted material.
  2. I may not be 100% up on everything network related, but I know that when I download a torrent from a legitimate site (linux distro per say) I can max out my 30megabit connection. when I FTP with multiple threads I can also usually max out my connection and when I use HTTPS I have no issues maxing out my connection. I was excited to install btsync on a linux box that I currently SFTP into in order to retrieve files, and although the program install and setup was a breeze, it's just too slow to transfer large files on a daily basis with. I'm maxing out at 300kB (kilobytes) and I see the occasional burst to 700 or 800kB, but nothing more or steady. Is it that the protocol, being adaptive as it is, is not aggressive enough? Could there be an aggressive mode in the future or something to that nature? It would be extremely helpful to be able to download faster than I'm currently able to and really make this program shine.