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Found 5 results

  1. Hi! I'm trying to set up sync with mp3 music folder on MAC desktop with a Android phone. When I add files to the folder on mac they appear on android, but when I delete a file from that folder on android its not deleting it on mac.. How can I set it up so it deletes and add files with no problems?
  2. Hey guys, I was wondering if we can drag files into itunes and into specific app. That way, for Mac and iPhone user can use this method to transfer files and sync without install desktop app. And I know, the amount of user is little compared to Android x PC.
  3. I'm trying to sync my "iTunes" folder between two computers on my LAN at home. Computer 1: Hackintosh HP ProBook 4530s, running Mavericks 10.9.4 Computer 2: Ancient MacBook Pro (2007 model), running Mavericks 10.9.4 The folder is about 60GB, with 11,000 or so files. In an effort to speed the sync along, I copied the source iTunes folder on Computer 1 to the destination iTunes folder on Computer 2. I then initiated a read-only share from Computer 1 to Computer 2. 14 hours ago. And it's going nowhere fast. Computer 1 says "Sending; 100%; Remaining: A few seconds". Computer 2 says "Receiving 0B/s; 14%; Remaining: A few seconds." If I click on "1 of 1 peer" in the connection listing on Computer 1, I see that 8141 files are remaining. That number will stay frozen for about three minutes. Then there will be a sudden short burst of syncing activity for about 30 seconds: 8141, 8139, 8130, 8121, 8117. STOP. Frozen again for three minutes. Does this sound familiar to anyone?? I'm getting no indication that the source computer is busy indexing. But maybe this is the case? Still.... it's been 14 hours. I've tried connecting the two computers through my router (both wirelessly, and via ethernet cable), and I've tried a direct APIPA ethernet connection (169.254.x.x). In all cases, the behaviour is the same. On both machines I've toggled the following options, separately, with no luck:| GLOBAL OPTIONS: disk_low_priority -> Changed to FALSE folder_defaults.use_relay -> Changed to FALSE folder_defaults.use_tracker -> Changed to FALSE lan_encrypt_data -> Changed to FALSE TRANSFER-SPECIFIC OPTIONS: "Use relay server when required" "Use tracker server" Thanks for any help or advice.
  4. My One-Way-Sync-Setup for my music folder (iTunes): MacBook Pro (Master) / MacBook Air (Slave) Everything works fine besides the iTunes Library.til and iTunes Music Library.xml don't update on the MacBook Air. The chronic on the MacBook Pro says that there is a updated version of the files but on the MacBook Air's chronic these files don't show up. All other chance sync normally. Does anyone knows why or has/had the same problem? Like that the sync is useless for me. When I open iTunes on the MacBook Air the library and playlist aren't up to date... I tried a lot but it won't work. I close iTunes on the Pro before the sync starts (have iTunes closed on the Air too). Wait for the sync to complete than open iTunes on the Air...doesn't' help.
  5. I've setup Bittorrent sync on two machines. One of them syncs with just a "regular" folder (C1) and the other one syncs with the "Add automatically to iTunes"-folder (C2). C1 has read/write permissions and C2 has read-only. My problem is that it just doesn't work. When the sync is completed I can't see any files on C2 (which I shouldn't because files are moved from "Add automatically to iTunes" to iTunes) but I can't find any files in iTunes either. It works on rare occasions with some music files but I can never get it to work with bigger files such as movies or TV-episodes. I think that the problem occurs because iTunes doesn't wait until the files are completely synced. Anyone have a solution for this? I thought it might work if iTunes ignored files that end with ".!sync" but I can't find a solution for that.