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Found 5 results

  1. I recently upgraded my license from a personal licence to the sync home license. I am starting to feel like I made the wrong decision so I am hoping to get some information I might have missed. I sent an email a few weeks ago to support asking why my license didn't come with any seats that I could delegate out to family members. They replied and said that the Home license doesn't provide seats, and you are supposed to share out the license file carefully up to 5 family members. I had a follow up question. If we don't have the ability to assign seating to our licenses, how does the application tell the difference between 5 family members V.S. 5 computers I have added? Or does that not matter? Is my license just going to all of a sudden stop working because I have added 5 computers and Sync thinks I have given it out to 5 people? How does that work? I am afraid to switch to the new license because I don't want to set it up on all my computers and then not be able to hand it out to family members because all my "family members" are used up.
  2. Hi. I just bought a Family Pro license, so a 5-pack of Home Pro licenses. I want to hand out the extra licenses to my siblings but I'm an enthusiast with a lot of devices ( 4 each tablets, PCs, phones, plus a NAS and a Win10 filerserver, so 14 total, and it might get worse). I'm wondering if one single Pro license suffices for such a ridiculously high number of devices, or if at some point I'll get asked to burn a second license. I couldn't find confirmation anywhere. Please advise ?
  3. Hello, I'm a bit unclear about the licensing structure of Sync for Workgroups and Resilio Connect. Your EULAs don't make this explicit either. Do you require a Workgroups license for each machine that will have the Sync client installed? Does this translate to Connect as well? Please advise. Thanks! - Hann
  4. There's a Personal Pro edition and Business Pro edition, both priced at $39.99/year. Why would anyone purchase the Personal Pro license when the Business pro is the same price and boasts of Priority Support? Is there any benefit of the Personal Pro that isn't listed? It looks like it's the same price for a smaller feature set. My use case: Backing up several PCs and mobile devices, Selective Sync, Sharing files with others - for example, sending family or friends photos, recipies, etc.
  5. I was going to use BTSync to sync files between my corporate notebook and desktop. But I've read, and it says it's only for personal non-commercial use. But different companies threat this term differently. TeamViewer, for example, does not allow using its product for free in any commercial network, even in a cafe, school or via other public wi-fi (even from private notebook!). And they say same words in EULA: only personal non-commercial blah blah. What about BitTorrent Sync? Which of the following won't breach EULA? 1. Sync my (owned by me) notebook with my home PC over free wifi in an cafe. 2. Sync my notebook with my home PC in office of my organization, over my org's network 3. Sync my computer (home PC/my notebook) with corporate computer, where I'm the only user 4. Sync my computer with corporate workstation, where other users can log in (non simultaneously) 5. Sync corporate notebook with corporate computer, if I'm only user on both 6. Sync corporate computer, where I'm the only user, with corporate workstation, where other user can log on too (again, non simultaneously: only one user can work there in any given moment) 7. Sync with corporate terminal server, where I can log on simultaneously with other users I'm not asking about any services involving money. And all this is only for my personal convenience, and synced files are not for other users. And one more case: 8. Sync files on my corporate computer, where I'm the only user, with my colleague's corporate computer, where he/she is only user. Only for convenience, again, and neither I nor my colleague receive any payments or bonus neither for this setup, nor for transferring the files. (in fact, some of these can breach corporate security policies, but this is another question, and not for this forum) P.S. I've sent this question to a week ago, and got no responce.