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Found 11 results

  1. Is there some way that I can limit the amount of memory (RAM) used by bittorrent sync (btsync) in Linux (Ubuntu). I am syncing about 500 GB of files from one machine to the Linux machine. However, about 90% of the RAM is being used by btsync during this process (which will take many days). I usually only remote to this Ubuntu computer instead of directly controlling it, and when 90% of the RAM is being used, the computer becomes very unresponsive. Is there some way that I can limit the amount of RAM used by btsync? I would be willing to slow down the sync process if I can limit the RAM.
  2. I have a workgroup set up with BT Sync. We've noticed our internet bandwidth is getting bogged down, and after eliminating all options, we're certain it's Sync. All the computers we want to sync to are on the local network. I'm not sure how to pull this off, but is there a way to limit Sync to only the local network, and not do an outbound broadcast? Probably a stupid or naive question, but thought I'd ask. BT Sync is working perfectly for our needs, but our internet connection is shoddy, so we need to eliminate any unnecessary traffic.
  3. Hello! I use btsync on ubuntu machines and now .sync/Archive folder ir even bigger than rest of sync folder. Is it possible to disable archiving or at least somehow limiting size of it. I found how to do that in windows client, but i have only one windows machine the rest of them are linux. Is it ok if i just delete this folder? Please help.
  4. Hi Guys, We started using the API and have successfully installed and remotely configured the sync service on about 130 windows players connected to 3G. We currently have 2 Linux servers configured with a 'full access' key to initially serve the content. All the players and servers can directly connect to each other over the OpenVPN connection and the players are setup with a read-only key. We setup a listen port of 40000 on the players and 40001/40002 on the servers to eliminate any firewall issues. We noticed that only the first 50 players in the network will connect and sync with the primary Linux servers. The rest of the players will do nothing even after numerous reboots and reconfiguration. If we setup a second secret key on the failed windows player it connects and downloads from the servers. I found the following link, but not sure if we are experiencing the same problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Kind Regards, Andrew ---------------------- {"dir": "\\\\?\\C:\\Sync\\Apps\\nodejs","error": 0,"files": 1175,"indexing": 0,"secret": "<KEY>","size": 6250290,"type": "read_only"}{"device_name": "AO1-81B16E","disk_low_priority": 1,"download_limit": 0,"external_port": "0","folder_rescan_interval": "600","lan_encrypt_data": 1,"lang": 4294967295,"listening_port": 40000,"log_size": "10","max_file_size_diff_for_patching": "1000","max_file_size_for_versioning": "1000","rate_limit_local_peers": 0,"recv_buf_size": "5","send_buf_size": "5","sync_max_time_diff": "600","sync_trash_ttl": "30","upload_limit": 0, "use_upnp": 1}{ "version": "1.3.106" } ----------------------{ "dir": "\\\\?\\C:\\Sync\\Apps\\nodejs","error": 0,"files": 0,"indexing": 0,"secret": "<KEY>","size": 0,"type": "read_only"}{"device_name": "AO1-81B1C0","disk_low_priority": 1,"download_limit": 0,"external_port": "0","folder_rescan_interval": "600","lan_encrypt_data": 1,"lang": 4294967295,"listening_port": 40000,"log_size": "10","max_file_size_diff_for_patching": "1000","max_file_size_for_versioning": "1000","peer_expiration_days": "7","rate_limit_local_peers": 0,"recv_buf_size": "5","send_buf_size": "5","sync_max_time_diff": "600","sync_trash_ttl": "30","upload_limit": 0,"use_upnp": 1}{ "version": "1.3.109" }----------------------
  5. Hi A question regarding the 50 Peer Limit. Is this limit for devices or shares? If i have 2 Computers syncing and, for example, 51 folders to sync, would this work? Thanks in advance spYro
  6. Hi, I have a few folders setup for syncing. Most of them work fine but I have issues with folders that contain many files and subfolders. I have a music library that I know is about 53.8 GB in size and contains 11,092 items but in btsync I only see 50.1 GB 9,483 files. The diff in items vs. files could probably be due to that items take folders into account but I would expect the size to match. When I later try to sync this folder to another computer via btsync I see the arrow for download and also the size 50.1 GB that needs to be downloaded but is seem like nothing actually gets downloaded. When I go into the folder on the computer I try to sync to I can see the subfolders but no files. How should I investigate this issue? Any ideas on what is going wrong is welcome.
  7. Dear Community, I have an issue on a fresh install of sync and perhaps you have an idea what the cause might be. I tried two scenarios. First, I installed btsync on a Ubuntu machine and the client under Windows 8. The two computers are on the same LAN on 1Gbps. Then I added a folder to share on the ubuntu machine and tried to sync it. The issue is that I cannot get more than about 6-8 MB/sec whereas if I directly copy the files using a samba share I get more than double of the speed. The disk priority in btsync was set to high, the niceness to -5, all encryption and speed limits were disabled on both ends, connectivity was direct, and all folders were fully indexed. Files were mainly 3-5 MB each. The Windows 8 machine was writing to an SSD so there was no bottleneck there either. Secondly, I also installed btsync on a server outside our LAN. Our practical connection speed to this server with FTP is 2 MBytes/sec (upload) and 10 MBytes/sec (download). However, with btsync I cannot get more than 1 MBytes/sec (upload) and 4-5 MBytes/sec (download). All this on the same server, same files, same settings, no speed limits. I checked the server load and bandwidth which was not fully utilized so there were no other processing consuming the available bandwidth, surely. CPU load on both the client and server showed no more than 10% so I think that was not an issue either. Increasing the send/receive buffers to 100 (MB) did not affect speeds in a visible way during the trials. Is there anything I can perhaps set up or do to increase the sync speeds? Thanks
  8. I've got a couple of peers where the speed limitation isn't working anymore. - BTS 1.3.94 - Windows 2008 R2 x64 & Windows 8.1 x64 - 4 - 15 GB per files, no small files - No LAN transfer - Predefined host configured - No tracker - Relay server is ON As you can see in the picture below the speed limit is not applied. I understand that it is not supposed to be extremely accurate but still, it is more than 10 times faster than what I've set. Thanks for your help
  9. Hi, I have successfully setup btsync on one directory, and this has completely indexed and synced with no issues. However, for whatever reason, the second directory I have tried to add is only partially indexing - of 90 subfolders, only 9 are actually picked up by btsync. I have checked, and permissions are identical, and there is nothing in .syncignore that should be causing this. The file count is high due to lots of small text files - indexing stops at 7000-ish (those 9 folders with way more to go) and then reports that it is complete. The only thing the log tells me is 'Loaded folder...' - no errors reported or anything. Is there some kind of folder level limit, or file count limit causing this? Where can I go from here? thanks, Ils
  10. Hello, What is the maximum size of a file that can synchronize (no known bug) ? I save my repertoire dailyroads / tempvideos every night since my Android phone but I have regular backups that do not. I have 10GB of files. Everyone does 50MB Can I reduce the size of the directory, but I want to know if a maximum limit is recommended. Thank you. Desktop Windows 7: v1.2.82 Android (4.1.2): v1.2.14
  11. I think a transfer cap similar to the feature in uTorrent would be nice