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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, Iam new here.. sorry about my english. I can not find this infos about : - upload limit ? - storage limit ? - streaming vidoes to my tablet ? Need help, thank you so much ! All the best, Mario
  2. 1) Is there a limit to how many recipients can use the Single File Share link? 2) Does the recipient's computer of the Single File Share link help with the propagation of the shared file during download? And after the download... for how long? 3) If the Single Shared File is nested in another folder share on the origination computer ... does the folder share swarm also help with Single File Share distribution?
  3. [sOLVED] See below. We have a setup where I use BTSync to synchronize classic folders of file updates with other members of a team. All users are trusted, but on one machine I only want to sync over LAN because of bandwidth restrictions. My laptop is connected nightly on an unlimited internet plan, while a desktop is within a LAN on a metered connection. I download updates from an always-on server when I am home on the Laptop, and open up BTSync on both devices so that they can sync over the LAN. Laptop: Moves between connections. Syncs with internet and desktop. -Windows 10 -Sync 2 -U