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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everybody, First of all, not being a Native English speaker, please excuse mistakes or incomprehension if there are any. Since I regularly work "on the road" in devastated country where mobile network is very expensive, I bought the pro version of Resilio to sync all my data between phone and computers, using my android phone as router (Wifi access point tethering). Unfortunately, it doesn't work. I try all advices from the Resilio Help Center with no positiv result. In my case, I need to sync data from computers to my phone without using 3G/4G data connection but only android wifi tethering on wich my computers are connected (LAN). I disable use of tracker and relay as indicated but peers aren't connecting or discovered anyway. Please note that when I use 3G/4G data to connect or an external wifi router, it does work properly, but unfortunately, this is not an option most of the time in my situation. Is that a known problem ? Is there a solution ? Thanking you in advance for your help, I wish you a very plesant day.
  2. Not sure if this would be new feature or not. But situation is that on Amazon instances, to keep your data you use EBS volumes, but when you spin them up, they also come with instance volumes that disappear when you stop the server. However those instance volumes are "free" and much faster because they are local disks, and also sometimes are even SSD. So my thought was to have BTsync run on the instance syncing with a folder on the instance volume and on the EBS volume (appearing as just different drive letters in Windows). When I run applications like coding and building stuff, I can do that on the fast instance store, and then BTSync can catch up when it can to update the EBS store. When I add 2 local folders with the same secret, BTSync complains, so I guess this is not possible at this time. But sure would be nice for this situation. Even for other users to be able to quickly backup among other locally attached drives (internal or external) and not deal with proprietary and maybe slower software for that. It would also have to be able to create the folder if it does not exist upon start up. Because when the instance is stopped, that whole partition disappears. When it's started, it's a blank slate, so BTSync would have to create the folder and then start syncing. Some of that we can script of course... but the limitation here I think is not being able to add multiple folders with the same secret.
  3. I'm trying to setup safe, local-net-only sync in my LAN, as safe as possible. I don't want it to transfer anything to/via WAN in any case, so from what I see I should do: 1. Uncheck "Use relay", "Use tracker" and "Search DHT" 2. Check Search LAN 3. Block in/out UDP (except LAN) for the "Listening port" Anything else? Probably adding all hosts to "Use predefined hosts" and uncheck "Search LAN" will also help to my paranoia, not sure.