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Found 6 results

  1. Does btsync automatically choose between syncing over a local network vs syncing over the internet? I have a laptop that, when on my lan, I want it to sync locally only (to conserve bandwidth), but of course it would have to sync over the internet when I'm outside of the house Will the btsync clients automatically switch over to local syncing when it detects that I'm at home and on my own network? I know theres an option to only sync locally, but wondering if this process it automated if you leave both local and public options on Secondly, is there a way for me to check/confirm whether a current sync job is happening over the local network as opposed to over the internet? Bandwidth conservation is extremely important because I'm thinking of switching over to owncloud on my NAS (to replace dropbox), but using btsync to do the actual file syncing. I would hate to have to sync that much stuff over the internet all the time and suck up so much bandwidth
  2. Hello, I have a working setup at home where 2 laptops connect through a switch would sync the files without connecting to the internet. edit : I know they synced locally because they where getting speeds of up to 20mb/s which my internet feed won't reach. I do however suspect they connected to the internet to find each other because at my corporate network I am behind multiple firewalls with IPS / IDS and all sorts of smart filters. Now they can't find each other even when they are in the same subnet with no firewalls in between them. Is there any way to let them find each other without using a tracker of some sort ?
  3. I found myself searching for another program to do this because Btsync doesn't allow me to enter a duplicate key for another folder. I'm a web developer and there are things that would be great to have in constant sync with all my folders such as plugins and frameworks, this would be a fantastic feature for btsync and would solve many issues of mine.
  4. Hello everyone, I recently discovered Bittorrent Sync and I want to use it to Sync Large files between many Machines I have. However, I have set up my Raspberry to run Bittorrent Sync, I have port-forwarded all the necessary ports on the Router, and I have added exceptions on IPTables to allow connections on the Ports of Bittorrent Sync. My problem is that if I try to sync files between my Laptop and my Raspberry when they are on Different Networks, the two devices don't find each other. I also tried having a one-time key but that didn't work as well. Could someone help me out here? Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi all, I'm trying to implement the following scenario: I would like to share a folder with my friends/family where everyone have the permission to add content (as with master secret), but deletion is made locally (per user) only. As an example, I'll be sharing pictures with my family and they will do the same. When I delete content, whether I was the one who originally posted or not, I only effect myself - pretty much like public Torrents. Can this be achived? if so, how? Thanks
  6. Hello to everyone, first of all I like to congratulate all the development team and all the contributors because I think this project is a great idea and has a very huge potential. I have been looking for this for a while. I have recently installed the application on my mac and first tried to sync a folder I have in my NAS (Synology Diskstation) which is on my local home network with a local folder on my mac (both NAS and Mac on the same network). The problem I have seen so far is that on my mac the shared directory corresponds to /Volume/Music (as it´s mounted) and the folder to sync with corresponds to /Users/xdone/Music/ so it´s considered by the app as both local folders. Is there any way to solve this problem? At this moment, I have search in the forum and I found out that it´s not allowed by the app to sync local folders or also make a synchronization only with one app instance what I think is a huge mistake. I think it should be great to have an app which I could sync the contents I store in my local NAS with a local folder with only one app instance and as I think it´s a very typical issue. Any comment will be appreciated. Thank you very much.