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Found 4 results

  1. Whenever I connect to the local resilio interface (web browser of course) this certificate error is shown. Well, the error is correct: there *is* no certificate. Does anyone know if there is an elegant way to not see, or to fix, this error? Searching "certificate AND localhost" on the resilio website returns a single irrelevant page
  2. I used 2.2 for a short time, then upgraded to 2.3 for the service feature. I did a complete uninstall of 2.2 before installing 2.3. I'm using Win7 and Win10. It seemed to install successfully, but when I try to open the BitTorrent Sync Service desktop shortcut, My browser opens, shows in the address bar, and displays: "This webpage is not available ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED". I'm using Chrome on Win10. I tried pasting the address into IE on Win10, but similar result. Same result on a different PC with Win7 with Chrome and IE. I searched and found "Sync doesn't start when opening Link in browser", which says: Check registry keys: Your PC should have these two keys: 1. HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\btsync\shell\open\command "C:\Program Files\BitTorrent Sync\BTSync.exe" /ADDURL "%1" (ot it'll be C:\Program Files (x86)\ path, depending on your PC specs) 2. HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\btsync\DefaultIcon ""C:\Program Files\BitTorrent Sync\BTSync.exe" /ADDURL,0" My Win10 PC doesn't have btsync, but it does have btskey. I also tried ping, which was successful. There isn't a BitTorrent or Sync folder in "All Apps" nor in Program Files, so I don't know how to get the log files. Thanks, Keith
  3. I had an old version (1.4) installation running in my ubuntu 14.04 installation. After I got a notification in the web-frontend to upgrade, I downloaded the new 2.0 version of Bittorrent Sync and tried to install it. As the old version was still installed I initially failed to do so. So I removed the Binaries (=the file I installed wtih 1.4), removed the btsync packages I found in the software manager and several hidden folders connected to Bittorrent sync (hope I got all). I could finally install the 2.0 version and start the webgui but seem to have misspelled the password I set up for the webgui as I now cant login to the localhost:8888 gui anymore. I fail to remove the 2.0 installation in a way that i could after reinstallation setup the password again. After each re-installation I am asked to enter the password which I dont have. Therefore my question: How can I remove the bittorrent sync installation completely under ubuntu? (Folders so far removed the folder with the binaries and all hidden folders within. the hidden btsync folder one hierachy higher (user folder))Or how can I reset the password for the webgui? (is there a config file? And where?) Thanks a lot for helping me out!
  4. Hello, I am working with Windows 7-64 bit, chrome and internet explorer browsers, and Sync v2.0.93. I have been doing some research in the forums for some time now without success. I am trying to log into the web gui with, and I cannot seem to access it. I have some some posts about the older 1.0 versions able to access the gui with that address, but nothing about the newer versions. Ultimately, I am trying to create the config file, I figure if it runs in the browser, my information I am putting in the config file is correct. I am not completely sure Windows will use a config file. I am mainly finding information on Linux setup. Any help and links to documentation would be great.