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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, i found a little mistake in French when you have the details view with the speed graph, on the left, instead of "augmenter la vitesse" it should be "émission" (for upload) and instead of "ralentir la vitesse" it should be "réception" (for download) best regards.
  2. Hi! I've installed Sync 2.3.6 on 2 Macs running on French OS X 10.11.4. The interface is in French on one Mac, as it should be, but English on the other. Why the interface isn't in French on the second Mac? How to switch to the correct language? Thank you!
  3. Hi Everybody! Since the Debian and Ubuntu Server Packages for BitTorrent Sync and the Linux Desktop Gui Unofficial Packages For Bittorrent Sync are now quite stable, I think that's time for starting the localisation of the interactive installation procedure powered by debconf. I'm searching for volunteers that would translate a handful of strings used during the installation. In order to make the work as easy as possible, I created an online localisation project. If you like to contribute to the translation of the server packages, go to the PO Editor btsync-deb project and follow the instructions. If you want to contribute to the translation of the BitTorrent Sync GUI for Linux, please go to the PO Editor btsync-gui project instead. I created tables for various languages, but if you like to translate the strings to another language, please let me know - I will add it. Thank you very much in advance for your help!