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Found 4 results

  1. I already fixed it, just thought other people might experience and this might help. I have an encrypted device (SD card) mounted to drive letter "Y" Every time I tried to direct BT Sync to the drive, I received the "Don't Have Permission To Write To The Selected Folder" error. I was using the "manual connection" and pasting the link. After basically reviewing every permission and setting and wasting hours... I realized that BT Sync was adding another \ to the destination path. So Y:\Folder became Y:\\Folder - causing the error. This ONLY happened on the encrypted SD card - when I used an unencrypted sd card or just browsed to C, this didn't happen.
  2. Hello! I have a doubt here; is it possible to change the location of an already sync'ed folder? Like, i have 'C:\Users\blah\BTSync' completely sync'ed but i need to move it to 'D:\BTSync'. Is it possible? Thanks for the help!
  3. Hi there. I'm wondering if it's possible to have two servers (in two different locations) that are mirrored, so that you would only have to set up the folders on one of the servers, instead of having to do it on both? I realize there's probably going to be some manual work that has to be done on both servers, but it would be awesome if after that, you would only need to access one of the servers. Best regards
  4. I got it to do backup, which is nice, waiting for support for video and full resolution. I added another folder to sync which I planned on having music in, so I can sync the music to my phone when I want it more easily. The files synced, but I can't find them on my phone except for with the BTSync app, and there I can only play one file at a time, so that's a problem. Does anyone have any idea where I can find the files?