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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, I've been using BitTorrent Sync for about six months with no problems until now. I've put it on 2 OS X machines, and one old Linux box. My problem is with a late 2013 MacBook Pro that was recently updated to Yosemite. I currently can't get Sync to run; It somehow thinks that there is another Sync instance running, creates a lock file in ~/Library/Application\ Support/BitTorrent\ Sync, and then exits. So to be clear, this is not a problem with the real functionality of Sync, but with just getting Sync to run. Here are steps I've taken several times just to see if I can get Sync to start* Remove following BitTorrent Sync files and dirs ~/Library/Caches/com.bittorrent.Sync/ ~/Library/Preferences/com.bittorrent.Sync.plist ~/Library/Application\ Support/BitTorrent\ Sync * Move the Sync app to the trash and empty it :-)* Remove the Sync entry in my "Login Items"* Reboot, reinstall the latest Sync * Run Sync (from command line gives same result) * Go to ~/Library/Application\ Support/BitTorrent\ Sync and see a new 'lock' file. * Rinse repeat, just in case I was doing something stupidI guess that somehow Sync thinks it's still running when I start it again, but I just can't figure out how. I recently updated to Yosemite, which may have triggered this problem, but others are working fine with Yosemite. I tried botht the default build from the BT website and the dmg from I also tried as a different user, with the same result. I have also contacted BT support at; they responded once but have not responded in six days. Any ideas? Hopefully there is a quick fix.