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Found 3 results

  1. I was using resilio for a very long time, since first versions of btsync. now I have 2 PCs with win7 and ubuntu 16lts. I have noticed that all files sent from win7 PC have a lock icon on them, so I've used sudo chmod -R to change permissions for all the synced files. but every time I add smth to the sync folder using windows or edit an existing file, rslsync ubuntu user is writing it with locked permissions. there is also a similar thread here in the forum: so I guess I am not alone with this problem. did I set up something wrong?
  2. Hi, when I start rslsync I get the error: Can't lock pid file. It seems Resilio Sync is already running with pid NNNNN I suppose that rslsync either crashed or was killed and the pid file was not deleted. Now it is blocking any new instance of rslsync. Where is the pid file that I can delete it manually? Thanks!
  3. This may be a redundant feature but still... here goes. A simple lock icon to lock the ability to edit a specific folder. The locked folder is grayed out and dissapears from the list and appears whenever the "show locked folders" option is enabled. I have multiple files to sync and add or delete folders every day. Sometimes i accidentally remove folders that i shouldn't, and there is the chaos of several-dozens-of-folders-appearing-on-my-shared-list thing that i hate. Anyway this shouldn't be too hard to implement and it would help out a lot, especially for us who have certain permanent shared folders mixed with multiple temporary shared folders. Well that's it. Keep the bits flowing guys.