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Found 4 results

  1. I'm reaching out to see if anyone has came across a issue where all peers are unable to move/rename/update EXCEL files due to locking. Our setup is a NAS that has a paid license with 10 peers using the Home version. Everyone including the NAS is using the latest version. All peers are cannot create rename/update EXCEL files but other file types are okay and a message that the file is locked pops up. One peer has 99 errors but after exiting resilio and restart it seems to have gone away. I have not had any issues with Resilio until now and have been using this exact setup for over two years with 50+ GB of data syncing across peers. I did download process monitor and found a OPLOCK NOT GRANTED on a CREATEFILE operation. Attached is an example of what happens when I create a new EXCEL file in the folder. Other files PDF, TXT, etc... sync normally. [UPDATE] Malwarebytes was causing the issue on the latest update Malwarebytes version: Component package version: 1.0.322 Update package version: 1.0.4250
  2. I have two repeatable issues where Sync seems to think it should be copying files or touching files when it doesn't seem to need to... or maybe is should just be waiting a couple seconds to allow other tasks to finish before it tries to jump in. 1) If I copy files into a synced folder (for example adding a new folder of songs to an mp3 folder that syncs across computers in my house) as it is copying, sync will complain one by one that the files are locked by another program. I even put sync in "pause" and sync still continued to complain the files were locked even though it wasn't actually syncing anything at that time. Shouldn't pause actually stop sync from indexing or doing anything? 2) At work I have a synced folder on my work laptop (syncs back to the home computer) that I save a new document file into almost every day. Every time I save into that folder Sync complains that the file is locked by another program. That laptop is not connected to the internet most of the time I'm working on the file, so it can't sync anything at that time but it still complains. I understand it might be indexing the files in the folder, but why does it care if the file is locked since it can't do any syncing at that moment? Both of the times, Sync reports that the file being copied or being saved is locked by another program. It is quite annoying and Windows 10 notification panel gets hit with a report for the locked file(s). I'm not sure why sync is immediately acting on the files while another program is working on saving or copying into the synced folder. Perhaps it could just wait a little bit before acting on the new file(s). Or maybe sync doesn't need to complain about the files as the files will sync just fine once the files are finished being copied or the files is saved. Is there a way to turn off or not get notified about this? Thanks!
  3. I'm new to Sync, having used Syncthing for months now. I'm looking for an alternative because Synthing between my NAS and dedicated server is just incredibly slow. Anyways, I do have a question about Sync. Here's how I've set it up so far: Added folder on dedi, chose Read Only. Let's call this Node A. Manually added connection on NAS, chose local folder with 85% of the same files on Node A. We'll call the NAS Node B. So one thing I'm encountering with Sync is that it seems to want to transfer everything from Node A to B even though most of the files already exist in Node B. Another issue is that it's notified me of 5 locked files in Node A. I've gone and rectified the permissions problems, but even after 24 hours, Sync tells me they're still locked when in fact they're not. Thanks for the help!
  4. Ive shared my Documents folder with all my linked devices (Windows 10) Each time i empty my recyclebin i get loads of locked files. I added $RECYCLE.BIN to .sync\IgnoreList to get rid of those. My Documentfolder is redirected and being offline-synced (corporate). Does anyone else have issues with the recyclebin, and why is it not being excluded by default anyway? Other OS'es corresponding trashfolders (.Trashes) are being excluded, and we do got Sync's Archive-folder to recover deleted files anyway?