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Found 3 results

  1. I have a folder I am sharing with some peers. I added several files (copied them into the folder), and all went well. The syncing completed, but I get a message that 8 files were locked. Those files has not been opened or edited after I copied them into the folder. When I checked the logfiles, I saw these lines: [20150316 18:22:14.264] FC[FBE6]: LoadTorrent: file /opt/[removed]/Årsmelding 2012.pdf exists, but failed to get mtime 13[20150316 18:22:14.275] FC[FBE6]: LoadTorrent: file /opt/[removed]/Årsoppgjør 2012.pdf exists, but failed to get mtime 13[20150316 18:22:14.286] FC[FBE6]: LoadTorr
  2. Hi there, It keeps happening that documents I make with LibreOffice, get overwritten with 0kb versions of them, since I started using BitTorrent Sync. The original document is then moved to the Archive under the .Sync folder. I tried different formats, like .docx, and .odt, it doesn't seem to matter. It randomly happens. Might there be some kind of combination of (Libre)Office (temp locked files) and the BitTorrent software that seems to be clashing? Under the Archive folder I also find locked 1kb files, like: .~lock.documentname.1.odt# .~lock.documentname.2.odt# .~lock.documentname.3.odt#
  3. I am a new user with Bittorrent Sync. I have only played with it for a few days now. So far I am synching the usb drive on my laptop with my main computer. At this time I have only done the synch on my local network. I noticed today that my laptop is telling me I have 4 locked files. Through searches I see that the app has no way to tell me which files are locked. I did google searches to figure out how to use terminal to unlock all files and have had no success. The app is still saying that 4 files are locked. My main computer does not seem to notice anything is locked. It just has a g