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Found 13 results

  1. Scenario: As a user, I run into a problem with Sync. I want to provide useful information to the developers so that they are actually able to solve the problem with a reasonable amount of effort. Current situation: I turn on debug logging in Sync's settings. I do a web search to find out where I can find my log. Sync documentation on logging defers to Sync documentation on "data folder" location. This documentation shows a path that is only accessible as a root user on Android, and notes such. Ideal situation: Sync for Android provides either A) An option to set the location of the log file B) An action to send the log file
  2. We have a copy of v2.5.12 (1191) that keeps crashing on one of our machines. It will stop responding when opening, and crash when attempting to start. Sometimes it will appear to be uploading, then changing to view the history or devices will cause the crash message. I have a dump file but it is too large to attach to this post... how can I get this log examined so we can get to a solution?
  3. Hi How might one reduce to amount of logging which accumulates in day-to-day operation of my Pi? My SD card isn't very large, and I'm concerned that the constant activity generated by Sync might consume more that its fair share of storage. I assume thing like log TTL or other variables related to the retention of log files / journals have a variable somewhere. Where would I find this variable in Debian / OSMC? These more granular variables don't seem to appear in the web GUI. Cheers, Geoff.
  4. Is there a way to tell BTSync (Android) NOT to log its stuff at all? The BTsync logcat is overwhelming and even if filtered out in my Eclipse's logcat console, it bogs my 6-core 12gig ram machine down significantly. Since I am using this tablet for my own Android development, I need to use the logcat console. But the BTSync logcat is not only slowing the device, my entire desktop Eclipse ADT gets bogged down. I am 100% that it's the BTSync app. So, back to the question: How do I tell BTSync Android app NOT to log anything. Thank you much. nat
  5. Hello, With btsync 2.2 (100) -- on Ubuntu 14.04 -- I notice that when I run btsync --config $conf --nodaemon --log sync.logthen file sync.log is either in the current directory (if I am logged in a terminal) or the home directory of the user who runs the command (upstart script): the file is not in ${storage_path}/sync.log. Is there a way to have the log in ${storage_path} automatically (other than giving the absolute path to the file as an argument to --log) ?
  6. A quit search of the forums did not turn up this issue, which is surprising as I've had it happen to my files frequently in the last 6 months or so. Specifically, it appends what appears to be logging information to files at random. An example can be found below. The first part is the real file (a rpm package spec file), but after the %doc line, random garbage appears. This corruption is generated on the host on which the file is altered, and propagates to every other host. <snip> rm $RPM_BUILD_ROOT%{_libdir}/*.la %cleanrm -rf $RPM_BUILD_ROOT %files%defattr(-, root, root)%{_libdir}/*.so.* %files devel%defattr(-, root, root)%{_libdir}/*.so%{_includedir}/meos++/*%doc %{_docdir}/%{name} [20150730 11:30:14.411] SyncFolderNotify: SyncFolderNotify: "0EAD2A2BDFBBDC5EE30141C3051CC4811CE3652C.SyncTemp", event = "IN_MODIFY"[20150730 11:30:14.411] [OnNotifyFileChange] "/home/nilss/work/HEAD/packages/.sync/0EAD2A2BDFBBDC5EE30141C3051CC4811CE3652C.SyncTemp"[20150730 11:30:14.411] SyncFolderNotify: SyncFolderNotify: "0EAD2A2BDFBBDC5EE30141C3051CC4811CE3652C.SyncTemp", event = "IN_MODIFY"[20150730 11:30:14.411] [OnNotifyFileChange] "/home/nilss/work/HEAD/packages/.sync/0EAD2A2BDFBBDC5EE30141C3051CC4811CE3652C.SyncTemp"[20150730 11:30:14.411] SyncFolderNotify: SyncFolderNotify: "0EAD2A2BDFBBDC5EE30141C3051CC4811CE3652C.SyncTemp", event = "IN_MODIFY"[20150730 11:30:14.411] [OnNotifyFileChange] "/home/nilss/work/HEAD/packages/.sync/0EAD2A2BDFBBDC5EE30141C3051CC4811CE3652C.SyncTemp"[20150730 11:30:14.411] SyncFolderNotify: SyncFolderNotify: "0EAD2A2BDFBBDC5EE30141C3051CC4811CE3652C.SyncTemp", event = "IN_MODIFY"[20150730 11:30:14.411] [OnNotifyFileChange] "/home/nilss/work/HEAD/packages/.sync/0EAD2A2BDFBBDC5EE30141C3051CC4811CE3652C.SyncTemp" <snip> BTW, do you really trigger a sync on IN_MODIFY and not IN_CLOSE_WRITE? That seems exessive... Can someone move this? It seems I've posted it on the wrong part of this forum.
  7. 1) Why on android version of BitTorrentSYNC I could see how many devices are connected to my sync but not the name of that devices? 2)Why I can not create a sync with read+write permission but only a read-only one or sync in read+write a folder created outside android version? 3) should be nice have also an history log. 4)even with this limitations I think (IMHO) that this project is mature and the word "beta" is no more usefull ;-) Can someone tell me how\why\when the first 2 limitation will be broken? Thanks you a lot...
  8. After discovering yet again that one of my machines has removed massive chunks of files for no obvious reasons (thank you .SyncArchive for covering me!) I was wondering if it is possible to increase the transfer history log? Better yet would be an ongoing transfer history log per sync folder so as to track down wtf is going on when strange things happen.
  9. I had installed BTSync on my NAS (nas4free, based on FreeBSD) and it works OK. Cerrent version 1.1.82 Then I had started heavy load test - to sync 2Terabate folder with about 100K files. Everything goes OK, about 450 Gb had transferred during two days, But I had found, that log file, located in .sync folder, have size 700+ Megabytes Taking into account, that db file for this folder is currently 267 Mb, BTSync folder now is bigger then Gigabyte. Could you please implement limit of log size, settings for control this limit and kind of log rotation. understand, I could try to do this with help of /etc/newsyslog.conf, but better app should do own homekeeping internally. PS If BTSybc uses such big db and log it means, that USB drive is bad option for app folder. I had never read it before.
  10. Hello I have a Windows 8 x64 with BTSync (1.1.70) on it I have a Raspberry Pi with (1.1.48) On Windows I get these errors (I has synced 12.4GB out of 17.1GB) How do I get a error log for the Raspberry Pi? To help work out why I keep getting these errors. Also if anyone know how to fix this? Thanks
  11. I have BtSync set up on a handful of machines and it's working great: Debian 7 (x86) - Debian 7+ (Testing) (x86) - office computer Android 4.2 - Android 4.1 - This machine doesn't work: Debian 7+ (Testing) (x64) - Network setup: Internet > Router, anything on this network BtSync won't work > Router, anything on this network BtSync works fine On the problem machine (, I cannot get anything to connect outside of that subnet. The router has UPnP enabled and netstat shows the btsync is listening, but nothing connects. I can connect/sync if I have both devices on the same network subnet ( but nothing outside of that will connect; I have another router and devices on the range (router IP and they work fine (and the network uses the network as the default gateway). So I have to think the network is allowing traffic through, if the network functions. I've tried using a custom config for btsync, no change;I've ensured UPnP was enabled in my routers (error before this was "Could not map UPnP Port ___ retrying.");I've found the .sync/ folder and tried to create ~/.sync/debug.txt with FFFF inside it, but nothing shows in the logs;I've tried running with --nodaemon but there are no messages being printed to stdout or stderr that I can see (now that "Could not map UPnP..." is resolved)netstat shows the ports listening;there is no local firewall running on this machine at this timeconnections don't work to the next router (downstream) nor over the Internet (upstream) I am out of ideas, can anyone help me?
  12. I see this in my sync.log file on my Linux machine and looks like it has to do with a .!sync file not finishing syncing. Any ideas what that log entry means? Blocking sounds like no syncing possible between that particular client, but what's going on and why?
  13. Hi! I checked this twice before I posted, it is still to strange to be real: me@myRaspberry:/home/me/.sync# date && tail sync.log Sat Jun 22 14:45:24 CEST 2013 [20130522 14:44:44.609] SyncFileEntry: got dictionary with bad time 1371893371 0 [20130522 14:44:44.610] Merge: failed to construct file entry received from remote, aborting [20130522 14:44:54.447] SyncFileEntry: got dictionary with bad time 1371893371 0 [20130522 14:44:54.447] Merge: failed to construct file entry received from remote, aborting [20130522 14:45:04.667] SyncFileEntry: got dictionary with bad time 1371893371 0 [20130522 14:45:04.668] Merge: failed to construct file entry received from remote, aborting So what? Well, obviously we have the 22nd of june. And as we can see btsync is up and running, doing as well as it can. But it reports strange problems with a "bad time"- well, indeed it reports those problems one month in the past, that is the 22nd of _MAY_.. Raspi has no RTC, that COULD be related to this, but as you see it IS in sync and it WAS in sync 2 minutes earlier to the occurence of the last log lines Might or might not be related. I don't even care to much about the wrong log-date (sure you'll fix it in coming releases) but I DO care about the bad time, as it seems to prevent my share to sync. As far as I can tell no strange data (datetime) occurs in the source- directory, even more sure it doesn't in the destination- so called since it is readOnly and used for backup only.. Oh, I forgot: Raspi is ARM, Version is 1.1.15. Any feedback is appreciated, Rudi