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Found 1 result

  1. I just lost a lot of my data. I'm lucky not all my peers were online. I recovering the data now. I installed Bit Sync 2.0 on 4 devices. Two desktops, a home server, and finally a Surface. Everything seemed to be fine until I installed it on the Surface. The Surface likes to sleep often, and that hasn't ever bothered me before. I setup Bit Sync by adding it to my devices. It started syncing. Then the Surface went to sleep. When I woke it up, Bit Sync seemed a little notification happy, and was pinging me a lot saying my folders were sync, even though there are only 4. During this though, Bit Sync froze, "Not Responding". It was fine, I ended the task, did some Windows updates, and restarted. On restart Bit Sync asked if this was my first device. Odd.. I did that already. I said no, went through the process of adding it again. This time I kept the computer a wake a bit to make sure it was syncing alright, and wouldn't lock up if the computer went to sleep. While it started syncing again I checked my server. Pretty much every file was gone. I checked the history, and my Surface supposedly removed all the files. I am guessing because of the failed first setup, when it was setup again the second time, it saw the empty folders and proceeded to wipe all my files. Also I should note my device list has the Surface listed twice, which concerns me. I'm afraid it might get confused again, and wipe any files I add again. I've only been using it 4 days, and this is pretty frustrating first experience. It makes me realize I can't trust Bit Sync to wipe my files, and if it does, there's no way to recover them unless one of my devices is offline.