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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I have a Mac Mini with a special network configuration. I am unsing VLANs on my wired interface (en0). They are vlan1 and vlan5 (with other, specific names). en0 itself is deactivated to not send/receive untagged packets. The vlan1 interface has DNS, Standard Gateway and so on -> Internet connection The vlan5 interface only has an IP, without Gateway and DNS because it is for a NAS connection. Everything is working perfect, also Bittorrent Sync. Until one of the last updates. When I start BTSync, it directly goes into paused mode. In the logfile, I found the following line: C
  2. I recently got a new Mac and used Migration Assistant to move data. I changed the Device Name on the new one after that. But the two can't find each other. Both of them can find another Mac on the network without a problem. Migration Assistant is in many ways like a clone. Is there some sort of GUID or unique ID that I need to reinitialize in BTSync? It's as if the two Macs think that they are the same device, and thus ignore each other. It's unlikely to be network problems since, as mentioned, both of them can see a third Mac that is on the network, and syncing works with that one.
  3. Hi! On my Mac, I use the interface FireWire to connect to the Internet. On the past version of BTSync works fine with my Internet through the FireWire, but from version 1.3.x (ex. 1.3.105) is no longer working. If I try Ethernet or Wireless on version 1.3.x it works fine. Sadly I have to go back to version 1.2.x (ex. 1.2.92) loosing all those new improvements on BTSync.
  4. I used Sync to work on files between my 3 Macs (Office, Lab, Home). As of yesterday Sync crashes shortly (~30 seconds) after launch on my Mac OS X systems (2 on 10.9.2, 1 on 10.8.5). The only recent change had been installing the latest security update from Apple on 2 systems, but was not yet done on the 3rd. I have attached the crash log from one system below: Process: BitTorrent Sync [425]Path: /Applications/BitTorrent SyncIdentifier: com.bittorrent.SyncVersion: 1.3.94 (1.3.94)Code Type: X86 (Native)Parent Process: l
  5. Hello everyone, I just install BT sync and since, my inactive memory take all memory available. I cleanup my memory and tried with/without Sync. As soon as Sync is launched my inactive memory take all memory and so my mac is very slow. I have mac os X 10.7.5 so if someone could help will be great !! Thanks PS: english isn't my native language sorry for the grammar