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Found 4 results

  1. I've Resilio setup on my existing Synology 1815+ that syncs data from a number of other devices. Now, I've bought a new Synology 1817+ that is going to replace the 1815+, but am still be keeping the 1815+ with the old drives for other backup use, but NOT with Resilio sync. I've already rsync over the directories from the 1815+ to the new 1817+ that Resilio sync uses to sync from other devices and installed the Resilio sync package into the 1817+. Is there an easy way for me to move the old configuration over from the 1815+ to the 1817+ without having to redo all the syncs from scratch?
  2. I have a single seat PRO license and just got a new desktop computer. I have a folder on my old machine synced to a remote backup machine. I plan to use an external harddrive to move the complete folder from my old desktop to my new machine. Is there a best practices way to make this transfer without re-syncing all the files to the remote machine?
  3. Please tell me it's simple enough to migrate my external sync drive from my PC to the new Mac I'm replacing the old PC with. My sync folder is on an external drive and I hope someone can tell me how this can be accomplished. Thanks for the help!
  4. Hey guys so here's the question: What I want to/need to do is be able to change computers on which an external drive is syncing. Computer A is syncing a hard drive with another location, but I want to move all my SyncApp settings to Computer B and continue syncing with that same location without having to reindex everything or redownload everything. Any suggestions or help? Thanks in advanced.