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Found 5 results

  1. I've Resilio setup on my existing Synology 1815+ that syncs data from a number of other devices. Now, I've bought a new Synology 1817+ that is going to replace the 1815+, but am still be keeping the 1815+ with the old drives for other backup use, but NOT with Resilio sync. I've already rsync over the directories from the 1815+ to the new 1817+ that Resilio sync uses to sync from other devices and installed the Resilio sync package into the 1817+. Is there an easy way for me to move the old configuration over from the 1815+ to the 1817+ without having to redo all the syncs from scra
  2. Hi, my old iMac crashed and I got a new one. All I now have is a backup of my old HD. How do I manually migrate Resilio Sync Pro so that I don't have to build up everything from scratch. Is there any hidden folder that Resilio uses to store all sync settings? Will I delete files on other machines if I run a sync with empty folders (like my Pictures folder)? Any thoughts would be great. Cheers, Edward
  3. I used BitTorrent Sync on Android 6.0.1, I was told to "upgrade" to Resilio Sync. Installed, clicked Start Migration, Allow SD card access.. Shows "Restoring Identity" and never completes. If I stop Resilio Sync and start BitTorrent Sync again, it all still works.
  4. Hi everyone, Is there a standard/recommended procedure to migrate/upgrade a regular Sync folder to the new Encrypted Folder option? I have a couple folders that have nodes on 3rd party servers where I'd love to start encrypting them. Should I just have every node disconnect the current folder (but don't delete the data), and set up a new Sync folder one the same directory? I've been trying to search for this answer, and I've seen at least one person ask this question on the blog post with no answer. Thanks!
  5. Hello there, I've been using BT Sync on my former laptop with quite a lot of folders. I want to move their settings to my new laptop, knowing that the data itself is already copied to exactly the same folder locations. What is the safe way of doing this ? My biggest fear is that the folder contents get screwed up.