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Found 2 results

  1. On my PC, I have folder that contains all of my playlists and music I wish to sync to my android phone (Folder A). Essentially, I desire the mirror that folder onto my phone (Folder B). From time to time, I will add/subtract songs or update playlists from Folder A (both are automatically generated) and I wish that it such changes will be reflected onto Folder B. However, the results have been underwhelming when syncing Folder A to Folder B, with Folder A as its source. Under read only mode, Sync did not update files with newer timestamps (updated playlists or files with updated tags). Under read+write mode, files with newer timestamps from Folder A replaced older files in Folder B (good!). However, subdirectories in Folder B not found in Folder A remained and, when there was a conflict, the parent directory of older files in Folder B showed up in Folder A as "foo.Conflict" (bad). So, at the end of the day, how can Sync be set up in a way that Folder B mirrors all of the updates and changes (additions and deletions) from Folder A?
  2. Hi I am just thinking.... When i install BTsync on a PC and afterwards i create an image of this PC and copy it to many other computers.... Will this work? I think every BTsync has it's own ID that is supposed to be unique... Will this still work? Or is there an option to midify the Sync-ID via some hex-editor afterwards to for example the hostname or just recreate a random ID? Maybe if i delete the file with the sync-ID it will re-create a new one? I think the device-name is editable through some commands where i change it in the ini and restart btsync. But what about the ID? Hope you get, what i am thinkng about Best wishes spYro