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Found 5 results

  1. I have a shared folder that is synced between 2 of "my" devices and one other device. The main device (where all the files are) is a QNAP NAS (V 2.5.9 Build 1088). The folder there is set as read-only to make sure that other devices don't overwrite files on the NAS. The other devices are all set to "selective sync". Since some time, files and folders added to the NAS are not visible in the remote devices. Disconnecting and reconnecting them did not help. Restarting the remote device did not help either. The "history" menu on the NAS does not show that files have been added as well. Restarting the NAS did not help either. There are no errors on the history either. As far as I can tell, all other shared folders work perfectly. So how do I fix this? I find it highly concerning that I need to find out by accident that files are not being synced. There is no error, warning or similar. Is there another logfile on the NAS that I contains more information than the History view in the web menu? What can I do to fix this except for removing the folder on all devices and adding it again?
  2. I downloaded Resilio to my Mac and selected my Documents folder as a sync folder. I also added RS to my laptop and phone. As soon as I set it up I noticed that 1/4 of my original files went missing from their original folders -see example attached. The ghost folder is still on my HD and the actual file is in Resilio but I need it synced not relocated. I am very concerned that if I were to uninstall RS, all my original files would be deleted as well. I understand it's a one way sync but it appears to be going in the wrong direction. I'd like to remove RS from my devices completely due to my concerns but need some guidance how to sync the two folders so my files are back where they belong. Please assist. I thought about just copy and pasting the Resilio folder into my Docs folder on my HD but then I'd end up with 20g of dupes. Due to your size limit for photos, you will need to enlarge the attachment.
  3. Hi, I am completely at a loss. This is my first time using a sort of sync software between two devices. The sync took ages, but now that the sync is done, but devices are missing many documents. I can see these in the sync's history as removed, but there is not a "added" version anywhere. Is there some form of temporary archive folder to recover these missing files as there are many! Both devices are mac computers. Please please help! Thanks Denise
  4. Hello, I have been trying to use BT Sync to share my documents folder on Windows 7 (c:\Users\Me\Documents\). There are about 17GB of files in these folders My other computer is Windows 8.1. I have used the Read Only share on this. The files all copied across (or so I thought until it was pointed out to me that there were a lot missing. The History tab says it has finished synching. Only the default text is in .SyncIgnore so it is not that, and there are lots of Word documents and PDFs so I don't believe they could all be "in use". I tried deleting the share and recreating it but same result; same files missing. How can I diagnose what is going on?
  5. Hello everyone, I really like the BT Sync application and have very ambitious future plans for the software. Right now I am using it as an integral part of our backup solution. Our office consists of several workstations and Linux servers. No issue on the Linux side of things, but there may be some setup or misunderstanding on the Windows side. I have BT Sync installed on our Windows Server to sync (one-way, read only) the Users folder of all workstations. This is setup and all of the files have synced perfectly, everything was great. Until I did some tests. I logged into one of the accounts on a workstation and created a blank text file on the desktop. Within a few moments, the file appeared on the server, great. I then deleted the file from the server, hoping that it would reappear (because this is one-way). This never happened, is this intentional? I decided I would remove write access to the sync folder on the server so that only the admin (bt sync user) can create/modify files. After doing this, I created a new text file. Within a few moments, it appeared on the server. I then opened the text file on the workstation and made a small change, saved the file. After a few moments, the file was no longer on server, it just vanished completely. It does not appear in the sync archive, and strangely enough the History shows nothing when the file is created but shows that the file was 'added' once changed (and removed from the server). I feel like I must have it setup incorrect, any suggestions where to look for the potential problem? Also, is it by design that if a file is removed from the read-only synced server that it won't be copied over again from the source?