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Found 3 results

  1. Update: midway through this post I tried running BT Sync as root, group btsync, and it works. I don't like it, but it works. There is some awful permission-hell happening but I hope this helps someone. Hi, I've spent four days trying to resolve this, and I really am stumped. I can't get BTSync to write to a CIFS mount which is in my home directory, and which is used by various other programs and scripts perfectly fine. What's odd is that when creating a new folder in BT Sync's Web Gui, this is created in the CIFS share correctly, but no files can be synced and it displays the error "Don't have permissions to write to selected folder". I've tried changing the mount parameters to include 0777 file_mode and dir_mode (as listed here). After chmodding 777 to the folder I've also tried, successfully, in SSH: sudo -u btsync touch boo.cBut, still, the error above persists.
  2. I have a few Hard drives connected to my Ubuntu PC, these drives are internal to the machine and mount up as the specific partition name on the disk. (ie /media/username/HDD1) when creating a BTSync share. I cannot seem to navigate further than the /media/username level and have no way to create a share for a folder contained within one of those mounted hard drives. Please help... how do I do this? also, I have two physical hard drives on the pc. and would like to share a folder on one HDD and have BTSync replicate that folder to the other Drive. is this possible, I read somewhere that this is not possible. Thanks!
  3. I have a raspberry pi, mounting a smb share on my synology nas. The mount takes place with all right (777) required on the /mnt/share/ And then I try to sync from a laptop to the share (in readonly mode). The mount is not empty, actually it already contains a full copy of what is going to be synced, if not it can delete stuff (I don't care). Now I get the error "don't have permissions to write to the selected folder." When I do the same thing, but now create a directory within the /mnt/share/syncdir/ Now it just syncs fine... What is going on here? Please explain this behaviour, so I understand what I am doing wrong. Thanks, #3