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Found 7 results

  1. Sync would be MUCH more productive if we could do simple things like rename or move a file in the IOS app. As things stand I have to save to Dropbox, rename the file, then "save to Sync", which is a bit of a pain. Same with moving files.. I have to move the file to Dropbox, delete it in Sync, then "save to Sync" at the new location.
  2. I simply just want to, copy, paste or move a file / folder in Sync Mobile App. Either I'm missing a really easy one or none of these features are built into the mobile app?? I can't even simply move a file once it's uploaded on the mobile. Also having an issue that I can't even choose past 1 folder deep on our data base when uploading files via mobile. Anyone have this same issues? These are extremely basic operations. Pretty blown away I'm not seeing it anywhere. Would appreciate any help. I'm on a Google Pixel everything is up to date.
  3. I set up Sync on computers in 3 different locations and synced about a terabyte of files over the course of this week. It's been so refreshing to see all my stuff in one place no matter what machine I happen to be at. Then I did something that seems obviously stupid in retrospect. I felt that things were getting a little cluttered, and decided I'd do a bit of organizing. So, I did what I normally do; Create a folder and move a bunch of stuff into it. Thankfully, I can still find things in the archives on my other machines, but with all those duplicated files one of them ran out of free space and won't sync until I delete the archives. What a mess. Don't do what I did.
  4. Hey Guys - I have a remote Linux box (Debian Squeeze) which for a couple of years have been manually transferring data from it to my local PC (Win 8.1) using FTP. Once local, I'd then have to sort it manually. I started using BTSync recently instead and wish I had thought to use it earlier. It's a better solution by far - especially as I can sync music folders with my phone! I've got an issue that I've run into that I need help with. Between my remote Linux and local Windows systems, I sync a single folder which has 10 static category folders inside of it. Based on labels and rules I've set up on the Linux end, files and folders of all types are placed into one of these 10 folders for synchronization to my local PC. What I'm Trying to Do Once a file / folder is synced locally to my Windows box, it will be inside one of the 10 category folders. Based on the category folder it's in, I want it moved to a different local folder where it will be amongst similar file / folder types. The methods I've tried so far either continuously watch each category sync folder or do so at an interval. Once they see a folder / file, it's moved to the target folder. Synced Folder Structure: - "/home/user/Sync" - Single folder synced with BTSync on remote side - /home/user/Sync/Documents - /home/user/Sync/Complete - /home/user/Sync/FLAC - … (7 more folders) These 10 folders stay in root of synced folder 100% of the time are are never deleted or moved Folders / Files synced into each of the 10 folders range from a few kilobytes to multiple gigabytes. The addition may also be a single file to a folder containing numerous files and sub-folders My Issue I've found that despite rules I set, files / folders are being moved before they finish syncing from the remote linux box. The best luck I've had is setting rules not not move *.bts files since that's the extension until they are complete, but that doesn't work for folders. For example, if syncing a folder which has 10 .flac files in it locally, the folder would be created first and the first file start to sync with the .bts format. Once the first file finishes and changes to .flac, the rules move the folder to the destination thereby deleting the folder from the sync folder which finally deletes it from the source along with all other files. As I download individual files as wel as folders, I need to find a rule / method where whatever has been added to be synced will not move until it's 100% downloaded. Example of My Issue Lets say I add a folder named "Folder1" which contains a few files and sub-folders into "/home/user/Sync/Complete" on the remote side BtSync then starts to sync it locally into "D:\AppCache\Sync\Complete\Folder1" As "D:\AppCache\Sync\Complete" is monitored to move new contents, the app performing the task sees "Folder1" appear moves it immediately or (depending on how rules are set) does once a new file appears inside of it matching a filter The app moves "Folder1" immediately (or including it's single synced file depending on rules) to "D:\Complete" - The sync hasn't finished, but the monitoring app doesn't know that When the folder is moved, it's actually copying the folder to the new location and deleting it from the old one. Therefore, BTSync thinks I've deleted the folder locally so in turn deletes the remote copy. This results in the folder D:\Complete\Folder1" being empty plus the original being deleted on both local and remote sidesWhat I've Tried So far, I've tried a few Windows apps. but no scripts yet. At first, I tried Belvedere but found it's options seem to be too simplistic. Next, I tried DropIt, but has similar results. My most recent attempt was using Hygeia. Even though it seemed to offer the most choices for rule criteria; it still wasn't enough. I looked at one of my favorite sites - - for additional software, but didn't see anything which may work better. I considered setting up individual sync folders per category and syncing them locally with the target folders which the rules are to move the data to post sync, but the local folders contains tons of data which I don't want to sync. Doing so would be impossible given my resources. If I do this and set the local sync to Read Only, will that accomplish the task? I'm using BTSync 2.x on both ends and plan to upgrade to Pro soon (still barely in 30 day trial) but definitely will if I can figure this out. Does anyone have suggestions for how to accomplish this? Thanks!
  5. After searching through the forums, I can’t seem to find a similar situation. I have 2 servers: Server A running Linux (Ubuntu 14) with BTSync 2.0.85; Server B is a Synology NAS with BTSync 2.0.93. Both servers were in the same building when I rsynced the needed directories and setup BTSync. Through BTSync’s web admin, both servers shows that all the directories were synced. If I created a new directory on one, the new directory would show up on the other, and vice versa. BTSync is performing as expected. A few days later, Server B (Synology NAS) was physically moved to a different state, while Server A remains at the original location. Once Server B booted up, all the directories were showing as synced...except for one...the largest one with around 6TB of data, the “Archive”. Currently, Server B is sending data to Server A...approximate completion time is 2 months. The text “Indexing” is also appended in the ‘Status’ column on both Server A and Server B for “Archive”. Checking the synced files shows that they have the same attributes (file size, creation/modification date, etc.). Both servers are on the same network. So I’m at a complete loss as to why the “Archive” directory is having to resync everything. Can anyone shed some light? I’m happy to provide further details.
  6. Dear Bittorrent Sync team, Your application on my computer seems to be working mostly fine, except for one very annoying bug: I am running two linux machines (Antergos, on newest update), both are running bittorrent sync and syncing a folder with read/write access. These two computers are, before this bug occurs, perfectly in sync. Both have the same files and folder structure. Now, on one of the computers (called A), I have a directory (let's call it "root_dir") with a lot of files. In order to clean up this directory a bit, I wish to move (from the command line), about half of them to a new folder, called "archive_folder". So, I type: "mv <file1> <file2> ... archive_folder" On computer A, where I have done the move, all the files are (of course) moved correctly. On computer B, on the other hand, the following happens: The archive_folder is successfully created and synced, without my intervention. Also, the files I have moved into archive_folder in computer A now are synced into this folder successfully. HOWEVER: The files in root_dir do not change on computer B (!). All the old files are still here, and have not been moved. That means that I now have a large number of duplicates that I must manually delete again. Even worse, when I turn both computers off and turn them on again, BitTorrent Sync seems to "forget" about the sync, and now syncs all the files from root_dir on B back to A, causing me duplicates on both machines. I don't know if this is a bug or an intentional (bad) configuration, but all the settings are vanilla. I did not change any settings and am using the latest version of Bittorrent sync (1.4.103, x64). Please help, as this bug is really frustrating.
  7. I have a nightly script that pulls down database backups to my local hard drive. BTSync runs on the same machine and syncs these database backups to another computer far away. I noticed that when I move the backup files to a new directory, say from the root folder to /2014/02/, all of the files re-sync to the other machine. Does BTSync not detect that the same file has moved to a different folder? Is there any way to move files/folders around from with a shared directory and NOT have them re-sync again? This normally wouldn't be an issue but they're massive files.