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Found 3 results

  1. Hello btsync community, I am evaluating BitTorrent Sync sinf a couple of days. I use a Synology NAS to store and backup al the files for my Family members, therefore I installed the latest BitTorrent Sync package available for Synology: 2.0.93-1. Now I would like to have separate sync users for each Family mamber, specially to be able to separate the different camera backups from each users' smartphone. I haven't yet been able to find a suitble guide to create multiple users on btsync on a Synology NAS. Is there anyone with a similar use case who has manged to configure multiple users on a Synology btsync package? If yes, how does it work? Any hint or link would be very appreciated. Thank you & best regards, nv-bn
  2. Hi, We hav a setup where some of our workstations are shared between different users. This users need different access to folders in our sync. Some of them ar basic users, and should just access some of the folders. Others are premium users and should access all of our folders. How can I set up sync to different forlders for each user on one workstation (MacBook macOS sierra)
  3. Is it possible to have only 1 actively running bittorrent sync server set up that would sync multiple users each of whom have a different folder (and credentials) that they would have access to? I am very new to this service so I apologize if it is a very basic question.