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Found 4 results

  1. Android: Name a sync to something other than the folder name e.g. to differentiate between DCIM folders on both internal phone storage and sdcard. Im probably an idiot but only just realised that the 'rename' section on the android app actually moves the folder that's being synced.
  2. I have had some issues with my PC, so I had to reinstall my OS. I had a syncronized folder and now I want to sync that again without overwriting all the files I already have. When I attempt to connect the folder a message appears: "The folder is not empty: sync anyway?". Does BTSync detect the files it has already downloaded and just starts syncing new stuff or does it sync all over again? I just need to know this.
  3. A's computer's bittorrernt sync might have been off or paused. B's computer changed the name of the folder, not all files were done syncing. A's computer put files into .SyncArchive, probably any the files that didn't exist on B's. This is a bug. I want to be able to change a folder name even if the files in that folder are not synced on both computers. Bittorrent should be smart enough for this.
  4. Hi everyone, this is clearly an incredible software that uses a well-known and particularly good transfer protocol. I was looking for this kind of solution for some time, so thank you very much for this ! I think it really has the potential to become a must-have application, for personnal and professionnal use. The only problem is its name, BitTorrent is often seen as an illegal activity due to torrents download which has become the first source of illegal entertainment... I want to use this for some of my clients but I already have questions about its legality and have to make lectures on open-source protocols and what is allowed to do with them or not. Don't you think it could be a good idea for the product and its growth to have a name that would be less connoted ? Thanks in advance for you thoughts on this matter !