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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, All~~ I have used btsync (v2.3.7.451) on "WD My Cloud" single bay (f/w version is v4.x) Via various topics in many communities, I get to know that a lot of users faced to and solved the problem about the power-saving mode of nas using btsync... And I keep up with various solutions for this tricky issue, too But.... Unfortunately, as a result my nas drive do not sleep... NEVER SLEEP while btsync is running.. :-( All configurations of btsync to solve it are absolutely set correct .... so far as I know.... - use_upnp, enable_journaling are disable - folder_rescan_interval, config_refresh_interval and config_save_interval is set to 86400 (1 day) what more should be changed??? Thanks in any advance.... Some logs and config are as follows... Additionally, I attached the result of lsof command for btsync, executing "lsof | grep btsync" when btsync was running 1. btsync.conf is My nas is continuously awake on, Even though "folder_rescan_interval", "config_refresh_interval" and "config_save_interval" is set to zero (stands for disable), 2. sync.log is btsync was started at 00:44:41 and then, stopped at 05:37:49.... Furthermore, "use_upnp" option is disable and "debug logging mode" is off (debug.txt in storage folder has zero value) so the log of btsync is way too simple as you can see from above messages... 3. /var/log/user.log is From system log (/var/log/user.log), I found that my nas never sleep while btsync is running... But After stopping btsync daemon, my nas gets some sleep ordinarily if free.... lsof_result_for_btsync.log