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Found 4 results

  1. This post goes over nested folder sharing with Sync. It makes sense but it limits the redundancy you can have with a network of Sync devices. Introducing a brief overview of how I use sync (image attached). I use a RaspberryPi to house absolutely all my files from photos to music to documents, I keep everything in one folder called 'Documents'. This folder is mirrored between my laptop/desktop/and RaspberryPi and it works great. The problem is when my RaspberryPi goes down. My laptop and desktop still mirror each other, but they don't get mobile phone photos and phone #2 doesn't get music despite those files be available on multiple sources (desktop and laptop). I know it would be difficult to fix Sync to overcome this problem, but it would without a doubt be worth it. You'd get much better redundancy and wouldn't have any downtime on other machines just because one machine went down.
  2. Hello everyone, I have a few questions concerning folder structure and nested folder. I was wondering if this folder structure is possible ? Folder C is a subfolder of Folder B which is a subfolder of Folder A Peer A - File server - always on Folder A (Advanced folder Owner, shared R/W with peer B) |-> Folder B (not explicitly shared through Sync but can be accessed by peer B) |-> Folder C (Advanced folder Owner, shared RO with peer C) Peer B - windows client Folder A (advanced folder shared from peer A, R/W access selective sync enabled on this device) Peer C - Android phone Folder C (advanced folder shared from peer A, RO access selective sync enabled on this device) I am asking you this because, I recently read that nested folder share is not possible with selective sync and RO access?
  3. On previous version 2.3 I had everything working perfectly while carefully using nested folders and customizing the ignore list. Now it's suddenly not allowed on 2.3.1 because ?????? So if some of us need this feature now we have to keep using an outdated version? Is there a workaround for this?
  4. Bittorrent Sync is a really interesting concept - hoping it will be wildly successful (and that encrypted nodes provides will provide the same convenience we have with non tin-foil had proof services these days). Migrating my stuff to Bittorrent Sync I am however running into an issue. I have a ~/Sync folder, which is the replacement for what was ~/Dropbox before. In that folder I have shares with different people e.g. ~/Sync/Shares/John Doe/ - that's all working fine and dandy. Now I am trying to set up ~/Sync/Camera Uploads/ with the secret that the iOS app gave me for the Camera-Roll sync. But strangely I am getting the error message "You don't have enough permissions to share part of a read-only folder. Please choose another folder". That error message doesn't make any sense to me - I have no whatsoever read-only shares. If I choose a target folder outside of ~/Sync/ it works fine, but that's not what I want. Migrating from ~/Dropbox I want everything neatly organized under ~/Sync/ Any feedback/pointers are very appreciated. B.t.w. (a bit unrelated) is Bittorrent (as a company) planning to offer "encrypted nodes" (for offline syncing) as a commercial service, or is the stance that third party companies should offer these services? Recently got our developer api key - seriously interested in hacking a nice service (mainly because we also need an offsite backup - and it would make sense to build in such a way that it's useful for others, too), but depending on where Bittorrent as a company is going this may make less sense. Thanks!