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Found 4 results

  1. Hello all, For some reason, some newly added files/folders and a few modified ones are not syncing to my Netgear NAS. I keep seeing messages of "failed to download." These files aren't being used at the time of syncing either. I am doing a one-way read only mirror to my NAS. I can force Sync to rescan the folders by manually removing and re-adding them on the Sync application, but this is just a hassle to constantly do this. What are some possible cause and ways to resolve this issue. I am running Windows and the NAS is in a different location on a different network.
  2. Hello there! I recently bought resilio sync home pro and have installed in on my PC and NAS. The NAS is an Netgear ReadyNAS 104. I have linked the devices, and both of them have "Disconnected" as default mode (i.e i manually choose wich folders to sync to each unit). I've added my Google Drive folder on my PC to resilio and it's backing up to my NAS. All the existing files in my google drive got indexed and copied to my NAS (currently doing it again because i did some changes...) I've also added a folder on my PC with a lot of GoPro raw-footage and it works just fine in t
  3. I have a gigabit network with 2 Netgear 24TB 516 boxes, and ResilioSync 2.5.9 installed successfully on both. Box A has 12TB of data, Box B was factory reset and shares etc set up from scratch, I set ResilioSync up and it started syncing at 90MB/s - GREAT Now 3/4 the way through transfer the sync speed has dropped dramatically drifting from 2-3 KB/s to 2MB/s and the remaining sync time varies from 7 more days to 900 years in one instance Nothing has changed apart from my frustration. Box B is due to be moved to another remote location once an initial sync has been completed
  4. Hello, I got a problem with my readynas 102. before I had a working 1.4 on the NAS system with 2 computers syncing. last week i updated to the new 2.3 version (clients) syncink with PCs and android phones works perfectly. the netgear readynas 102 got updates on firmware 6.4.2 and btsync 2.3.2 the nas cant get any peer list, even if i am connected to the internet and access the nas via remote control port forwarding also works on 7099 and the seconds transfer port (20112). i tried to change some directory rights at data/btsync, i also create