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Found 20 results

  1. So, I have 3 macs and an iphone The 2 laptops and iphone sync super fast over LAN, but the Mac Pro always connects via relay server and is so slow it’s unusable. When i disable 'Use relay server' it won't connect at all. I've tried adding pre-defined hosts and that doesn't seem to help either. Could it simply be an issue with bittorrent 1.4.111, I understand that's the last version that will run on snow leopard. Any ideas? 1 x Macbook 12” (sierra 10.12.6 + resilio 2.7.2) and 1 x Macbook Air 11” (sierra 10.12.6 + resilio 2.7.2) 1 x Mac Pro (snow leopard 10.6.8 + bittorent sync 1.4.111) Router: Virgin Hub 3 Thanks in advance!!
  2. Hi there, So when I right click on a file in windows explorer that is on another box over a unc path eg \\server\share\folder1, explorer freezes and takes up to 30 seconds to return the context menu. It's fine on folders on the local machine. This happens on files hosted either by other windows boxes and by my NAS hosted by debian stretch. Once the menu has been returned after the slow wait, it's good for more right clicks on that file for a minute or so, so something is being cached somewhere, but leaving the folder and returning, or right clicking a different file, or just waiting a while means the delay will be back. Using ShellExView I narrowed the culprit to Resilio Sync 2.5.12 context menu handler (64 bit) with the CLSID {581FFA00-FC33-000C-0502-95003A5CDE89} pointing to the file: C:\Users\{UserName}\AppData\Roaming\Resilio Sync\ShellExtensionPath64_4A7.dll Disabling this in the context menu resolved the slow right click problem. So... is there a fix other than removing the context menu option? I have to say removing it is not a biggie as all my sync management is done through the wui so that is my work around for the time being. Thanks, Andy.
  3. Hello Resilio Forum, I own a Synology NAS and would like to use Resilio to have my files in sync on different devices and platforms. From my own network, all the syncing works perfectly, but I would also like my files to sync when I'm outside my network. On the Synology, I setup a proxy server, so the login page for Resilio is I port forwarded the listening port to the Resilio default port (28888) on my router, and everything is working fine. I can acces the domain from within and from outside my own network when I use a browser. I therefore have full acces to the Resilio client from both inside and outside my network. The problem is, when I'm outside my network, all syncing stops, where the Resilio client tells me my devices aren't connected anymore. What causes this problem? And how will I be able to fix this issue? Thanks in advance. Kind regards, Joey
  4. I live in a country where Resilio Sync trackers have been blocked. It is not possible for my NAS connect to the trackers without going through some sort of VPN. One downside of this approach is the tracker has no way to know my own Internet IP address, it will take the IP address of the VPN server instead. There is an Power User Preferences option named `external_port`, I am wondering if it possible to add a new one named `external_host`, whose value can be a single or list of comma seperated DDNS names, and update the tracker to take value of this option instead of source IP of the request. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hello, at first, I had the software for two days and I'm very happy with it, thanks for this. What I would have, and for this I would upgrade to the Pro Version, is the function to automatically enable or disable the syncing depend on the network on the PC-version (for me in Windows). I have a network router with cellphone, in this I don't would have a sync traffic. in hope Olav
  6. I have loaded sync onto a windows 7 Pro and I want to sync a map drive to my NAS server which already has the sync software install on, the issue I getting is when trying to setup the folders it showing me my drive i.e.. c: and D: but I not able to see or browser my map drive which point to my main server. Can sync do this or just only to local drives?
  7. I am missing one thing especially over slow internet connections: Optional Basic file compression (e.g. gzip) before sending out any data Why do we need that? Well, create sample file under Windows OS, open CMD as admin and type: cd "C:\your\BTSync\directory"fsutil file createnew 10mb 10000000This commands creates an empty file with a length of 10000000 bytes equal to 10MB but the content are just zeros. If zipping this file with just basic compression it goes down to just about 12 KB in total size. BUT When BTSync transfers it the full 10 MB are send out. If compression is implemented it will speed up on slow internet connections when transferring files dramatically, especially if they have a high compression ratio. This should not be too difficult to implement and saves bandwidth which comes also very handy when we are thinking about mobile devices with limited data plans. I think this feature should be allowed to be enabled or disable in the options depending on the requirements of users, because it might lead to slightly higher CPU load. An option with the ability to choose a compression level would be even better.
  8. I just setup resilio on two Macs and a iPhone and everything is in sync. Today i tried my server and used the official docker container. However after around half of my files synced the website is not accessible anymore. My (upload) client recognises no more available peers. Attaching to the container or restarting is not possible, i have to restart docker to gain access to the container. However after 1 or 2 minutes of syncing the connection is lost again and the container is unresponsive. The logs right when the connection is lost: Show/hide second try after docker restart: Show/hide
  9. I'm having an issue where the Sync is repeatedly dropping its connection, displaying "No network connection" every few mins. Currently, I'm trying to sync a load of files to a new machine (approx 2.5TB), with a one of the machines it's syncing with being on the same network. I'm seeing speeds shoot up to 100MB/s+ and then fall down to nothing, then back up and back down again. Then I'll check back intermittently and it'll be showing "No network connection". Restarting the machine fixes the issue, or after leaving it for a while (maybe 5-10 mins) it seems to resume syncing. The machine is running on Windows 7, directly wired into the router, and the other machine is running OSX 10.10.5 and is also wired into the router. Any help would be much appreciated.
  10. Hello, I tried searching the forum but for some strange reason not many topics on this matter. I am trying to add a folder to share that is on a network share i have mapped to the computer. This folder resides on my NAS where all my storage is. In the UI it only shows the C: drive and never my mapped drives. When i try to manually type in the file path i get an error "You do not have permissions to write to this directory." even though i do have sufficient access. Any help would be appreciated. I cant see this as a limitation as i would think lots of people use NAS storage for their data. - Joshua
  11. I've been using Bitorrent Sync v1.0.116 this afternoon and have already got most of my folders set up and syncing fine. I was a heavy Windows Live Mesh user till the service shut down, whereupon I've been limping along with just Synctoy. After setting things up and letting it do its thing I figured the network activity would pretty much die down to nothing once the syncs completed, but even several hours after finishing this was not the case. Instead, I'm seeing regular spikes of network activity up to 100 Kbps-ish between the various devices on the network I've just synced. The spikes seem to occur at roughly 8-10 second intervals. After fiddling with the folder preferences I have come to the conclusion that its down to peer discovery and it seems unusually "chatty" - I don't see why it should need to use quite so much bandwidth so regularly just to "ping" other peers, is there a way that this could be reduced? Kind regards Dave
  12. LET's CREATE A WORLD WIDE ALWAYS ONLINE SERVER ============================================= Hello, My suggestion is to create the possibility to donate some space from my hard drive for others to put their files on to but not having access to the files. Files should be contained within an encrypted volume like truecrypt and managed but BTsync. The idea is to create a network of donated spaces to form a server that is always online. This storage can then only be used when there are no online peers for the synchronization to take place. Files can then be temporarily placed on this server for later retrieval by the user's other peers that the user might have. This removes the need for having an always online server for everyone. There will always be people with servers that are always on. I have a few myself with space to spare and 1Gbit U/D bandwidth. In the long run this space could be housing entire homepages. Sites like could then reduce costs. People could be more willing to donate space rather than $50 a year to the foundation. This could give more space to private GitHub repositories for schools. Or make decentralized homepages reality. Note: Files should be placed on three or more servers that are always on or 10 for servers that have less uptime. This means in general that the total space available is always less than or close to 1/3 of the total donated space. The uptime can be monitored by BTsync and reported to a server. Right now I can do this for friends, but I have to create new users on the OS for them to keep their files out of my reach. Hope it’s not too much. Thank you for your great work. Kind regards smg2006
  13. Greetings, all! I am new to the forum, looked at the FAQ, and tried to search for an answer to my question, in case one already exists, but may have missed the answer anyway. My situation is this: I have BitTorrent Sync installed on several machines, sync-ing several (large) directories. At least 3 of these machines are Mac laptops which change location and IP addresses "very frequently" (on the order of a couple times a day, each). At least 2 of the machines are "servers", with fixed IP addresses. The problem is that when the laptops change location it often takes "forever" for them to find their peers. I set the folder_rescan_interval to 60, but that didn't seem to help -- I had hoped it would force the machines to announce themselves and sync more frequently, but it doesn't seem to have done "anything" (except, locally, perhaps). I am wondering: Is there a way to force BitTorrent Sync to find peers and sync? (Actually, how are peers identified and is there any way I can speed that process?) Alternatively, is there any way I can tell BT Sync "look here" (there's a peer at this IP address)? Or some way I can tell BT Sync: "this machine will 'always' be on-line at this address, go ahead and sync every M minutes"? I understand that this is a peer-to-peer architecture, but I am hopeful that someone has some advice for me. (Probably, some mechanism I haven't even thought about yet). Happy to answer questions if I have left out something important. In advance, many thanks. Hope all's well, Anthony
  14. I have my desktop and laptop on the same network; the network is dual-stack configured and both hosts have working IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity. A tcpdump shows that btsync is only using IPv4 for communications though. What is the state of IPv6 support? (Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere, I did do a search but only found side-mentions of IPv6, and one other unanswered question about IPv6 support)
  15. Some of the files I'm planning to sync from my MacBook Pro to my Windows Home Server are very large (virtual machines) and as such I'd like to enable syncing only when I've connected to my local network using Ethernet (rather than using the WiFi). This is because a sync over anything other than a local ethernet connection will take forever, massacre my WiFi and max out my broadband monthly data cap in no time. Request: For each sync folder, allow the user to specify which network interfaces may be used for syncing (default = All), so as I can de-select WiFi for these folders.For each sync folder, allow the user to specify if it should sync over LAN only (default = False) so as I can prevent these folders from syncing over the internet (when I'm in the office, for example)Cheers, Pete EDIT: Apologies - posted to wrong forum. Mods, can you please move to BitTorrent Sync \ General Discussion
  16. I installed Bit Torrent Sync on two Macs. On one I set up 4 different folders to sync, and then on the other I chose the corresponding folders and put in the secret/code from the first Mac for each folder. While on the same network, I added test files in each of the 4 folders and it synced fine both ways. When I moved one of the Macs to another house, the syncing seemed to stop. -- I also had 2 different Macs set up on the same network at a second location. Just to try it out, I kept one on the wifi and connected the other one to my phone's internet. I created a new empty folder on one Mac and it wouldn't pop up on the other. As soon as I left the phone internet and connected to the wifi (so both were now on the same wifi) the folder immediately popped up and the syncing worked again Isn't the app supposed to sync even across different networks ? I thought the other forum thread had someone saying they sync their home and work computers.
  17. I am currently running Btsync version 1.2.73 on Linux x64 and am experiencing problems when switching between network profiles. I commonly switch between two different network profiles, one for my home network and one for the network at my University. Each network uses different DNS Servers. When I leave the bittorrentsync client running on my laptop and switch from my "home" network profile to my "University" network profile, the bittorrentsync client is unable to reestablish a connection to the devices it was connected with on my "home" network. Upon analysis with Wireshark, I noticed that outbound DNS requests to the btsync traker servers were being sent to the old DNS Server that I use on my "home" network instead of to the new DNS Servers provided by the "University" Network. This means that I have to restart btsync everytime I switch between the two networks because it seems not recognize the updated DNS Servers. Has anyone else experienced this issue?
  18. Hello everyone, I recently discovered Bittorrent Sync and I want to use it to Sync Large files between many Machines I have. However, I have set up my Raspberry to run Bittorrent Sync, I have port-forwarded all the necessary ports on the Router, and I have added exceptions on IPTables to allow connections on the Ports of Bittorrent Sync. My problem is that if I try to sync files between my Laptop and my Raspberry when they are on Different Networks, the two devices don't find each other. I also tried having a one-time key but that didn't work as well. Could someone help me out here? Thanks in advance!
  19. It seems to me that BitTorrent Sync (1.1.15 on OS X) does not bind the SSDP (used for UPnP/DLNA) port using SO_REUSEADDR. This prohibits other UPnP apps on the same host from receiving SSDP packets (ie, those apps does not function at all). Those other apps will fail to bind (Address already in use). Most unix like systems allows multiple processes to bind the same UDP multicast port if all of them set SO_REUSEADDR before binding. Also see: Please fix this and I'll be an even more happy user of this awesome tool. /andoma
  20. Hello, I can not seem to find out what this problem is. I have three PC's in my sync collection. PCA - my work laptop at work PCB - a work server that is always on and has access to internet PCC - my home laptop PCA and PCB sync really fast and perfectly as they are on the same lan. I had PCC at work and it synced perfectly on the lan. Took PCC home and want to create a server scenario with PCB to keep everything in synced when my other computers are off. UPNP opened up ports on both routers/ firewalls fine. Turned on DHT, Use Tracker Server, use relay on each folder shared While at work in the transfers tab, PCA shows PCC IP addess and says it is starting to sync files - they appear, but are always on 0kB/s up and down then disappear about 10-20 seconds - never initiating. They appear and disappear constantly but never initiate a transfer..... Any ideas?