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Found 9 results

  1. The icon in the notification area on High Sierra is not colored right. See attached. I tried with the dark and the light menu bar choices and both look a bit odd. I guess something changed between Sierra and High Sierra. See attached images. I realize this is not critical, but would be nice to see fixed.
  2. ...if I have already *manually* paused syncing on that folder? Obviously I know that there's not going to be any syncing done on a paused folder. IMO, in this case, the message is just annoying and a waste of time. Agree or disagree?
  3. I have two repeatable issues where Sync seems to think it should be copying files or touching files when it doesn't seem to need to... or maybe is should just be waiting a couple seconds to allow other tasks to finish before it tries to jump in. 1) If I copy files into a synced folder (for example adding a new folder of songs to an mp3 folder that syncs across computers in my house) as it is copying, sync will complain one by one that the files are locked by another program. I even put sync in "pause" and sync still continued to complain the files were locked even though it wasn't actually syncing anything at that time. Shouldn't pause actually stop sync from indexing or doing anything? 2) At work I have a synced folder on my work laptop (syncs back to the home computer) that I save a new document file into almost every day. Every time I save into that folder Sync complains that the file is locked by another program. That laptop is not connected to the internet most of the time I'm working on the file, so it can't sync anything at that time but it still complains. I understand it might be indexing the files in the folder, but why does it care if the file is locked since it can't do any syncing at that moment? Both of the times, Sync reports that the file being copied or being saved is locked by another program. It is quite annoying and Windows 10 notification panel gets hit with a report for the locked file(s). I'm not sure why sync is immediately acting on the files while another program is working on saving or copying into the synced folder. Perhaps it could just wait a little bit before acting on the new file(s). Or maybe sync doesn't need to complain about the files as the files will sync just fine once the files are finished being copied or the files is saved. Is there a way to turn off or not get notified about this? Thanks!
  4. I have a Music folder Synced from my MacBook to my Galaxy S4 device. The Sync works perfectly, but the Mobile App keeps showing a notification saying "Sync Running..." even if inside the app the folder is signed as Synced It seems impossible to remove the notification, which is also a problem and if I go to settings to disable notification, the app says the app service might not work anymore. So this notification is always displaying on my screen, there's no way to remove it and becomes quite annoying Thanks for the attention!
  5. Hello, how does the notification of newly added or changed files in a shared folder work in android and OS X? Thank you
  6. Sometimes the Bittorrent Sync system tray icon is not present. It's not that it's hidden. It simply is not present. In Control Panel -> Notification Area Icons, I've even tried 'Always show all icons and notifications on the taskbar' to make sure it's not there at all, and it's definitely not. I also tried 'Restore default icon behaviors' just to be sure, but Bittorrent Sync is definitely not reliably creating its system tray icon. Interestingly, the Bittorrent Sync process is running and it seems to be working. If I run the executable manually (even though it is already running), it will then show the window, but as soon as I close the window, it does not go to the system tray. I have 'Show notifications' turned on within Bittorrent Sync, and yet the notifications do not appear because of the missing system tray icon. This happens on multiple different Windows 7 (SP1) 64-bit systems. None are running any special system tray managers. The problem appears when trying to use Bittorrent Sync v1.4.93 beta.
  7. Hello! I need to make sync end notification when BTSync runs as a service. The notice should look like a window with OK button. Is there a ready-to-use solution? Or may be someone could say me how to make it?
  8. When syncing, I have the system tray notification enabled. After syncing is finished, it usually does not go away. Can this be fixed? v1.4.103 on Win7 SP1
  9. The ability to pause syncing is a GREAT feature, but can create issues if you forget to UNpause it. It would be nice to have a status notification, perhaps have the tray-icon change color, or show the 'pause' symbol (parallel vertical bars) over the SyncApp icon in the tray?