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Found 6 results

  1. Is there any way in Windows OS to make BT Sync show pop-up notifications once any files get synchronized? I see a "show notifications" option in the preference, but I do not see any notification regardless of whether the option is checked or unchecked. I have BT Sync installed on three machines, one with Windows 7 and two with Windows 10, and I'm having the same issue on all of them.
  2. Is there a way to disable the Windows popup notifications when using the config file? I know there is a way without the config file going to general settings and unchecking “Show Notifications” – but when you use the config file that options disappears.
  3. This isn't a problem as such, but since Android 8 dropped on my Pixel, I get a permanent notification on the lock screen/notification shade from "Android system" saying "Sync is running in the background". I guess this is some new feature of Android 8 to highlight potentially battery-draining background apps, but it's not a useful notification to me for Sync; I know Sync is running in the background, it's supposed to be running, and I'd really like to not have a permanent notification about it cluttering up my screen. I have found an app that hides those notifications, but as far as I can tell, it turns them off for all applications, whereas I would like to turn the notification off just for Sync. Do you guys know about this?
  4. Hi, I have been using BitTorrent Sync desktop client for a while and everything been going without a hitch. I have Camera backup turned on for my Ipad and Iphone and I back up my photos to designated folder regularly. But I after the latest update (v. 1.3.94) if BitTorent Sync app is not opened on my IOS device l get the out of sync notification messages like this and this every 5-7 min literally, although there have not been any such messages in previous BitTorrent Sync desktop client version. I do not want to turn all notifications off, but why these notifications started to pop-up in 1.3.94 version and how to fix the issue? Thanks.
  5. Hello! I have a minor comment. Currently the only notification received is when a file is downloaded. It would be great to receive a growl notification when a folder starts syncing and when it finishes syncing. For a directory with a large amount of files, I don't need to be notified for each file but it is nice to see when things are happening. Perhaps others are interested in this functionality too!
  6. As you can see below I opened my mac after loading a folder that has source code into it for the first time I was over-run by notifications by growl which not only limited my access to my own computer but was also using a ton of cpu in the process. I blurred file names for privacy but you get the gist of what happened. I would just suggest keeping sync away from growl or if you are going to use growl limit it to sending only so many sync file notifications per minute or so. I actually had to kill growl off to be able to access my computer again. Then it started using mountain lions built-in notification system which automatically collected them into one notification so as not to over-run my entire screen. I realize that this is a problem with growl more so than sync but sync I feel could use a on/off switch for notifications (at least)...