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Found 2 results

  1. First of all, I have enabled debug logging but the debug.txt file only contains "FFFF". The problem: System A has about 100 GB of photos which need to synced with system B. Certain files appear in the "Transfer" tab of BTS yet there is no activity listed under the "UP" or "Down" headings. After several seconds, the file disappears from the list yet no file can be found on system B. Looking deeper, I searched through the sync.txt file and found a peculiar set of entries related to the unsuccessfully synced files (appended below). It seems that any problematic file transfer that shows t
  2. Hi! If I understood the FAQ correctly, the number to a folder is generated completely random (I'm using Linux computers and a Mac). I know it's unlikely, but someone could hit the same number like I did and get my stuff, am I right? Also there is no try limit, so someone could just brute force and generate numbers or iterate until he gets some files. Are those two scenarios possible and is there a plan how to improve this? Maybe a new user has to be allowed by a central device (NAS, optional) before other devices will begin upload to the new user, using certificates or an additional password,