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Found 1 result

  1. Hi. I had just read about BitTorrent Sync and really needed to try this. If this SyncApp would focus a bit more on Enterprises, this could be a little tool that lots of system engineers would like! Our company has about 100 employees, 50 internal, 50 on the road. Currently, the people on the road need to establish a VPN connection over a 3G mobile internet stick so they can access 'their' files. These files are on a fileserver with folder based ACL's on each folder (/project). A quick look tells me we have 237 active projects. Each of those folders is assigned to an owner but every one of those 100 employees must be able to add content to some folder within these projects. (in other words.. a default company acl) Microsoft's Offline files has sooo many drawbacks.. i hardly know where to begin. In short.. i'm not using offline files but i need the some sort of flexible sync like this. The peer-to-peer solution would do wonders in my case since in many cases, these employee's working on the same project reside in the same remote location. Thus when 1 person makes a change, this change would be distributed to the server but the other workers in the same location would just recieve this file over the local connection. This is great!! If this SyncApp could preserve the file ACL, it could help me and MANY other companies. I realise that this is easier said then done. Setting an ACL within the same domein is not a problem. This is done by unique global identifiers. But when a local administrator takes control over a folder and makes changes to a file that normally he wouldn't have write access too... the file shouldn't be uploaded to the server. Perhaps, the easiest way to prevent abuse is to only exclude files that this user had no write access to. If I can help/assist in any ways to make this 'wish' possible. I'd be glad to help.