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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all, When I check the peer list I see that some peers are listed as offline or inactive and offline even though they have sync up and running. Is there a way to correct this or is this normal behavior? I see that in the power user preferences peer_expiration_days is set to 7, would this happen to a peer if it was offline for more than 7 days? any help is much appreciated, Many Thanks R
  2. In the past i was able to create an adhoc wireless network on my windows 10 and 8 laptops, then connect an ipad or iPhone and do a wlan sync without internet. I can still ping my apple devices IP address from laptop (windows 10 pro x64 with most current public release and newest wifi drivers). I can also use other iOS programs and transfer between iOS and laptop, so i believe the adhoc network is still functioning fine. I have to do this as i am out of internet connection range at times and also i don't want to waste iPhone monthly bandwidth when i am in range. It never shows a peer also I have experimented with changing tracker and relay settings as well as checked windows firewall and see a tcp and udp entry for sync. Any help would be appreciated, it is behaving as if it is a firewall issue. When i tried as an experiment, 2 iOS devices and the laptop, no devices were syncing or seeing each other, so it may not be firewall. What settings are recomended? Or did this functionality go away with newer versions?
  3. Hello, my name is Christoph and I'am running resilio sync as a windows service. So far, so good. The problem is, that sometimes all peers are shown as offline but of course, they are not. After restarting the operating system a few times, resilio is able to find the other peers (online). But this happens at irregular intervals and I've run out of ideas. Do you have any solution or workaround for me? Many thanks in advance.
  4. I'm using the basic Sync app (not Pro) to synchronize a folder between my Samsung Note Pro tablet and my Motorola DROID Turbo 2 phone. It worked like a charm earlier today (synching several GBs of data both ways between my devices), but after disconnecting and reconnecting my phone to WiFi, now neither device can seem to "see" the other; each device shows the other as "Offline." Both are on the same WiFi network (don't think that's necessary, but they are), and both have Internet access. Restarting the Sync app on both devices hasn't made any difference. Is there any way to refresh that status?
  5. Just a few question that im sure the answer is no to, im just looking for solutions to make this a complete dropbox replacement. I am a fan of the cloud as you can still access files if the originating computer is turned off or offline. From what I understand, if the files are not yet synced to the new device, the primary computer will have to be on and online. As the files dont reside on the cloud, if my computer is off will my second device be able to access the files? Do both devices need to be on to sync files What if the internet on the remote computer goes out, will the file continue to download or just hang?If the answer is no to these questions, whats the best way to tackle a cloudless environment? Will there be third party cloud options?
  6. I have an iPad 3 running iOS 7.02, I've downloaded the sync app, installed and connected my folder successfully. Questions I have could be included in Manual under mobile section. Silly question: where are the offline files accessed from? I cannot find a place to access them offline using the iPad. I also have a Samsung Galaxy SIII that clearly asks for a destination folder for the offline files. Android is working great offline, iPad not so much. How can I get to my offline files on my iPad 3?
  7. BTSync overwrites newer files with older ones. This happens if files have been modified while one client is offline. When that client comes online BTSync overwrites files with that client's (old) versions. Why? When I look at .SyncArchive on other clients I can see the deleted newer files with newer modification times than the old file, which overwrote them. I have 4 machine setup: 1 always online, Linux (server); 2 mostly(just occasional restarts) online, one Linux, one Windows; 1 laptop, online when needed, Linux. (this is the client, that propagates old file versions) All 3 Linux machines have same config, so I cannot blame laptop's config. Yes, I have checked clocks on all machines. And yes, permissions are fine, can create and modify files. (Anyway it would be lame to overwrite new files, because one client has old read-only copies) I do not appear to be alone with this problem: