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Found 6 results

  1. Hey guys! i am looking for way to backup my photos from android to my PC, i tried use default "backup" tab in android, but it works bad: if i remove file from android - it also removes from PC i saw advice on forum like "set sync_trash_ttl to zero and see your files in .SyncArchive directory" but i think it is not so good way for me so my question is next. is there any other ways to provide one way sync? i want achieve this behavior: if i remove file on android - it must stay on PC
  2. Is this possible??? SCENARIO: I would like to sync my files to PC A which is currently syncing with PC B but i don't want PC A file to sync to me. I would like to sync my files to the same folder where PC A and B are syncing. Is that possible? I hope im making sense Thanks
  3. I want to sync one file from my computer to another computer, and then keep it at that computer as a backup. Meaning, that if I delete the file on my computer, it won't affect the file on the other computer. Is this possible with BitTorrent Sync?
  4. I'm looking for a software solution to get multiple remote clients to post data to one central server. BitTorrentSync would seem an obvious solution, however the documentation does not make it clear how to set this up, or indeed if it can be done. Note I don't want to use a single central server to post out to remote clients; it's the exact opposite of that. As the remote clients create or update files, these should be posted automatically to the central server. However the central server should never post out files to remote clients and remote clients should not, indeed must not communicate with themselves. Can someone please advise if this configuration is achievable with BitTorrent Sync Thanks, faeskene.
  5. I have a question regarding use of the read-only sharing within Btsync: If I have a machine set as the "master", and sync to several other machines using the read-only key, will these machines transfer across to the other machines to keep the data in sync IF the Master machine goes offline? Meaning, do the machines setup using a read-only key still work in the P2P scope of things, sending files across to all other machines that are connected under the same key, or is the Master unit the only one that handles the transfers then? Just curious Thank you.
  6. Hey, As you can imagine my phone is full and i would like to sync everything from my phone to PC so i can delete everything and keep sync new stuff. I know theres a one way PC to PC but i didn't found any option in the phone app. Is there a way to do such thing with bittorrent sync? Terramoto