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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, don't know what to do to have BTSync working again. It stopped synchronizing? Scenario: 1- computer C1 sync a folder F1 on computer C2 with RW-secret starting with D*** on C1 and ERO-secret starting with F***. Synchronization starts and ends correctly. 2- I suppress F1 from BTSync on C1 and add newly created folder F2 with the same RW-secret as before (F1 suppressed so there is no issue of two folders having the same secret). Both machines see each other so I expect data recovery from the backup computer C2. But nothing happens. 3- I suppress F2 on C1 and add back F1 with the D** RW-secret. All files are added but sync does not work any more. I add a new file for instance, and it is clearly added to the list of files to load, but nothing happens, although both computers see each other... As I check the log files, I see plenty of "Merge: will request nodes for...." How to correctly "reboot" BTSync? I tried several time to close-start it on both machines...
  2. Hi I need help on this one, as I don't know what could be my next attempt. Scenario: two computers, one-way synchronized with rsync for years (archive and delete option, that make that date-time is same on both side). More than 1,2To that I obviously don't want to upload again. On both side I use a secret starting with D (RW-secret). The main folder is added to btsync, and indexing works fine (same number of files as it should be). I verified using 'date' on both side (over ssh) that it answers the same time CEST. Although I used rsync with checksum control in both direction, when synchronization starts, catastrophy... All files are marked as conflict and sent in both direction. Pure mess... I have no idea what to do? Any advice is gladly welcome. Cheers, S. -- BitTorrent Sync v. 1.3.105 (latest)